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Favorite mama cloth?

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AF just returned at 5 months and I would like to switch to cloth pads. I bought some Charlie Banana since they were very affordable and I like them, though they are a tad small. What is your favorite cloth pad? Thanks!!
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I like New Moon and Mimi's Dreams. Fleece backing is very cushy and does seem to be waterproof, except in the most extreme deluges.
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I really like Glad Rags because you can add inserts to them to make them thicker. I also like Luna pads but also have some WAHM cloth. 

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I like Homestead Emporium, they are comfy, absorbent and pretty.

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Thanks ladies! I will check those out!
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I've tried a couple and Gladrags are my favorite!

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I have some Homestead Emporium too and they are lovely but pricey for me. Most of mine are from GEM Cloth and I love them, very cute, work great, and quite affordable too! Here's the link to her website (she's on DiaperSwappers.com too I think):


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I have a stack of brown washcloths I fold into 4ths & wear. They're comfortable, long, stay in place & raise no eyebrows on the clothesline.

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I never thought of using washcloths Ive got a couple of different ones but I like angelpadz, weenotions and homstead emporium.
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I use Indan prefolds at night (very cheap at Cotton Babies), folded washcloths at home, and Luna Pads out n about. I carry a perribottle and wool zippered bag I made with a little loop on it to hang on bathroom hook. Most important aspect to mama cloth, I have found, is using a lidded trash can/pail in our bathrooms, so husband doesn't see what going on. Poor guy, I would rinse my overnight prefold on the floor of the shower while I washed my hair in the morning. Shove it in the corner of the shower and wash them after about 3 days. That didn't go over so well. Now I put them into a lidded trash can (with cloth diapers, too) after they get rinsed in the shower. Sterilite makes a small pail with a foot lever and a removable insert that can be rinsed out easily, so you don't need a wet bag.
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I use pinklemonade cloth pads, the minky ones and love them! SO much better than disposable!!



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Homestead Emporium for sure

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LOVE Homestead Emporium pads!! I've tried others, but hers work the best and hold up awesome. Well worth the price, if you build your stash over time.

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I got mine on easy (can't remember who the seller was) - check them out!  You'll probably have lots to choose from.

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I love Figleaves, pink lemonade shop, and Eco alternatives; all found on Etsy. I've also heard great things about yurt craft, but have yet to try them out. I'm currently preggers again, and use them for incontinence when I cough or sneeze! I love my mama cloth đź’•
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I also use prefolds and washcloths for mama cloth. I think Id like to splurg on a gem cloth overnight set if I can with taxes. It would be more comfortable for going out and overnight needs.
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I've only tried Gladrags, which I used for years and then when I discovered Lunapad's Lunapanties I've never looked elsewhere. They are so much better than Gladrags for some many reasons, but two really important ones. First is that the inserts are on top instead of inside. When the insert is inside you have to change the whole pad. When they are on top you can just change the insert if you haven't bleed all the way through. Secondly and most important, the pad is sewn into a pair of underwear so no shifting! And they are really comfortable underwear in lots of different styles. 

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Wow!! So many awesome suggestion and many I have'nt looked into yet - thanks!!!
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