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Check out this page for cloth pad reviews:


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That link is great. Most of the pads don't have reviews attached to them but I like that I could see lots of WAHM made pads and how they look all at once. I just placed an order for one of the Little Bee Creations pads that look like a luna pad substitute so I'll post back here once I try them. OP those Charlie Bananas look nice and it looks like there are a lot of pads similar. The Little Bees makes an AIO pad also that's similar and has good prices ($5-6 for one pad including shipping) or the GEM cloth has good prices too. I've been looking for a while. I'd ordered from one etsy mama and wasn't pleased although they were super cheap. I'm hoping to find something I like myself. 



For all the gladrad mama's .... what is it that you like about them? I liked the look of the adjustable lunapad types better since the insert is on the outside instead of inside but maybe I'm missing something.

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www.partypantspads.com is the website of my favorite pads by far, the AIO Party in My Pants. They have worked great for me during heavy periods, postpartum, and after a miscarriage. They make liners that I use for monthly discharge. I also used their liners during my pregnancies for discharge. They are incredibly thin yet very absorbent. And they come in vivid, gorgeous designs. Even my husband thinks they are lovely compared to disposables!

GladRags are my second favorite, with Luna Pads as my third. I have found that you can use some of the Luna Pad liners with the GladRag holders for greater absorbancy.
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Crazyms, I like gladrags because they wash and dry easily. I like that i can customize the absorbancy. I also love the size of the night pads because they cover so much and i dont worry about leaks at night. Although I mostly made my own pads--gladrags style, because of my budget.
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The Lunapads and Gladrags seem to have mostly the same features except the Lunapads you wouldn't have to change out the base with the liners every time. I can see the Gladrags being better for nighttime though although I thought Luna might be better for day? I ordered a Little Bees (Luna type) pad and I have a stuffable gladrag type that I wasn't so crazy over. I may need to order an actual nighttime gladrag to try though!

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Oh the partyinmypants offers a free liner to first time customers to test out!!! I was going to check them out as a possible daily liner from reviews here about thinness and absorbency and they offer one free for 3.99 shipping so I can try it. They list mini, thong, demi, or luxe liner to choose from. Any preferences and why? I'm going to search the site and try to figure out the differences but would love to see some opinions from those that tested them.

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I use the luxe liner. It is the widest liner and works best with the type of underwear I use...bikini with a wider crotch, if that makes sense.
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I haven't tried Party in My Pants liners, but for liners in general I have found that they need to be at least 7 inches long because they shift while walking more than thicker pads, so if they are too short they wind up behind where you need them.

I do have an AIO pad from Party in My Pants and don't really like it, partly because it never seems to get all the way clean, partly because it is my only pad with a plain woven (not flannel) cover and I really dislike the crispy texture.
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Domino & Just Fussy. The Just fussy are bamboo or cotton velour with wool backing. I LOVE these. Very breatheable stain resistant great customer service and beautiful colors!!! I have the liners and moonbow pads. Liners work almost as well as the pads.
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