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4.5 months - dairy intolerance?

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DD is EBF. she has always been a "gassy" baby. we laugh at how loud her farts are some times. when she was pooping every day she was STTN. 12 hrs with only one wake up to nurse till she was about 3.5 months old.


now she is 4.5 months and for the last 4 weeks her sleep has gotten terrible. she naps maybe 1-1.5 hours all day, broken up into little chunks, and wakes 3 - 5 times a night.


 in addition, she is pooping less frequently (maybe every third day) and on the days she doesn't poop she is fussy, clingy, and wakes up constantly at night farting and straining to poop. she also has a mysterious rash that shows up/ disappears on her belly. when she DOES poop is smells DISGUSTING. I mean really foul. it is brownish yellowish and not very seedy. she also has a reddish area around her rectum.


also many times when she nurses she arches her back, pulls on an off, and I can tell she is straining. I can often hear bubbles moving around if I put my ear to her belly.


I eat tons of dairy. its my favorite. cheese, butter, lots of yogurt, straight milk, you name it. could this be the culprit? should I do an elimination?


I have no prob with her waking to nurse, its just that she seems so darn uncomfortable. and her waking is so frequent that i'm like a zombie.


after she is able to poop she seems so happy, but by the end of the next day the cycle starts over again.....


I also know about the sleep regression at 4 months. I remember it well with my son. but with all the other things going on I thought It all may be related.


would love any insight from dairy allergy mamas. I am dreading giving it up but have no problem doing so to make DD more comfortable.

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Dairy intolerance could be it. My DD3 had these symptoms and they got much better when I eliminated dairy. The good news is I was able to reintroduce it in SMALL amounts a couple of months later but I still have to be careful.
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