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I'm feeling boy. A week before my BFP I had a dream that this little boy soul crawled into my conception cup (Spirit Babies) and cozied up. I question whether it was a boy or girl now... I'm just happy to be prego. My intuitions were right on with my last 2 pregnancies (boy than girl). For weird reasons, I want to have another intact son just so my boys know they're "normal". The circ rates in Wyoming are crazy high and I just don't ever want my boys to be put in a place where they know no one else intact. Yes, weird, I know... No one really has to show their penis in gym class anymore! In my perfect world we will have 4 - 2 boys, 2 girls. Everyone gets a same sex sibling! DH has commented that if this is a girl "we" may be done. He thinks he'd be overwhelmed with 3 daughters. I think he'd be just fine.

Anyone else use the Chinese gender predictor? It's been accurate my last 2 pregnancies and it says this one is a boy!

I'll do the ring test tomorrow!
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hehe!  kids are so funny!  and yes, it's totally worth asking for another baby if puppy is questionable.  :dizzy


gold ring test is my kids favorite and you hang your wedding ring from a string (or hair if you have insanely long hair, which i had last pregnancy, but not now) and if it goes in circles it's a girl, and if it swings side to side it's a boy.  ???


i've also seen the definitions mixed up.  the kids love doing it w/ me too.  and it's funny b/c when you hang the ring over their bellies, nothing happens, but mine starts rolling around in a big circle   **correction- it had been in big circles until i just did it and it went side to side for a while.  maybe it's trying to make me happy?  



i wouldn't bet on it or anything, but i'm confiding and being open here so just throwing it all out there!!!


So glad you're only occasionally vomiting, my3beasties!!  that raging hyperemesis is horrible.  girl girl girl!!!

Haha, that's awesome!  It's like an old pendulum divination technique.  I tried it and it went around in big circles too!  :)  All the signs are pointing to girl now.

And yecchh - hyperemesis sucks! puke.gifLost 9 lbs 1st tri with DS1, and 25 lbs with DS2!  I am 5'7" and started out at 125 & 135 respectively, so it wasn't like I had much to lose.  It was miserable!!  But with DD, I was tired & nauseous a lot but only lost 1 lb...haven't gotten on a scale yet, but this time it feels similar. Just crossing my fingers and waiting out the next 3-4 weeks!  Can't wait until I have no nausea and more energy...I'll feel SO much better...

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My mom had a dream I was a little girl again before we told her we were pregnant, and at first I was thinking girl (mainly out of hope--my parents have 4 grand boys, and my in-laws had all boys themselves--we're the first to have a grand baby on that side), but I suddenly got the sense one day that it was going to be a boy. I'd be cool with either.
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