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no weight gain in 11 month old

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DS was born at 9 lbs 6 oz. gained pretty well but hovered around the 50% for weight. he dropped more around 9 months to 19 lbs 13 oz (30% or so...) i weighed him tonight and he was about 19 lbs, 6 oz (which is what he was at 8 months). i know all kids find their own curve, but his new weight would put him at the 5%-10%....

he is almost exclusively breastfed. he does not like to eat many foods at all and nurses at least every 2-3 hours around the clock. he has plenty of wet diapers but only poops every few days and seems to get constipated easily when he has solids. he is teething and wants to nurse all the time and i do.... any other ideas on what is going on?
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Has he become very active? When DS1 started crawling he stopped gaining for several months. The doc freaked me out about it (don't see her anymore) but he's absolutely fine. Has he been to the doctor recently?
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He has been crawling since 6 months like crazy, so there isnt any new reason for lack of weight gain. He saw the doc at 9 months, but I didnt weigh him in december so I was not concerned till last night. I dont really usually worry about weight, but dropping to the 10% doesnt sound good to me, especially since he is 31 inches or about the 80% for length.
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Maybe try increasing your fat and protein intake....
At 11 months your LO can be eating some full fat dairy products (cheese, yogurt) Maybe try and see if he'll eat some avacado

My 10month old loves eating solids and still nurses but he's stopped gaining recently. So I'm throwing stuff out there that I've been considering.
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Thanks!  He actually is suddenly super interested in food.  We are doing yogurt, avocado, pears, bananas, and a few others.  I may try cheese soon too.  What are some other great high fat/ high calorie foods?

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Egg yolk and green smoothies!
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You can try fish too. Its high in healthy fat. Maybe salmon, whatever you do try make sure its wild caught, not farm raised. You can use butter on veggies, toast cut (or ripped) up tiny enough. Then there's always good ole coconut oil, you can sneak that into just about anything. wink1.gif
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Did you by any chance have gestational diabetes or gained extra weight in your pregnancy? I was diagnosed with GD and my baby was close to 9 lbs but then her weight fell and she continues to be a tall but skinny baby. After looking at her growth chart the Pediatrician suggested that it could be that my GD was the cause of her being a big baby when in fact if I had not gained all that weight her starting weight may have been much lower and the growth chart would have been normal.
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Thanks!  He tried lentils tonight and seemed to like them.  I will have him try fish this week when we eat it.


I didn't have GD with any of my kids, I just grow really big babies.  I actually only gained 15 lbs when I was pregnant with DS (actually more like 20, but I gave up grains and sugars the last month to avoid GBS and I lost 5 lbs).  I know our doc said something about babies finding their own curve, especially if they are not meant to be huge, but are born big..... DD2 leveled out at about 5 months and dropped a huge amount too, but was able to gain again when I gave up wheat.  DS has not seemed to have a problem with wheat, but I am thinking of giving it up in case it is a food intolerance.


Keep the great ideas for foods coming!  

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