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How much to keep for "freezer stash"?

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My baby girl is 3 weeks old and I've been pumping since about day 3 because I'm planning to donate my extra milk. I'm not sure how much I should keep as a back up freezer stash before I donate the rest. At this point I'm not planning to return to work and if I'm going out without baby (in the distant future) I figure I can just keep what I pump that day in the fridge instead of freezing it right away. What is a good amount of frozen milk to keep on hand?
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I've only kept a bag or two in my freezer, since I'm a SAHM and I don't anticipate being separated from my baby any time soon. I did have 5 bags of milk for a while, but I donated all of them to a mama who needed milk and I figured I could just pump if I ever had an immediate need. Good for you for donating!
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I don't think there is any rule of thumb, it would differ from mom to mom. We have a chest freezer in our basement and you can store milk in one of those for up to a year. I have about 15 bags in there now. It will be great for date nights, or mixing into purées once our son takes solids, etc. I would consider donating if I thought that I had more milk expiring in the next month than I could use, but that won't be an issue for quite some time.
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