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nighttime diaper solution

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My little guy is a heavy wetter. We currently diaper him in either a bum genius pocket or rumparooz pocket with a super duo insert at night. He is three months so its pretty bulky but doable. sometimes this is enough to keep his skin dry in the am. Often though he soaks through his pjs and onto the bed. I don't really mind the extra laundry but his skin is sensitive so I am really looking for a way to keep him dry. If I change him during the night he gets very upset and it wakes him fully. He is ebf on demand do the nights he nurses more are the nights we have the issue. Thanks!
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OK so you don't want to hear this and I didn't when I was in your situation but I thought I'd share what we found to work for us. Our LO now sleeps in a disposable. The rest of the day she's in cloth. We had to find a natural brand so it wouldn't break her out. I think it's called closer to nature aand its a kroger brand. $7 for 30? Anyway once we did this she slept through the night and never wakes up wet! One night we were out of disposables, put her in cloth and it was a miserable night for everyone with her waking up. Good luck in your venture. We love cloth but we love sleep also smile.gif
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It's great to hear different experiences!  We tried disposables because of heavy nighttime wetting and they were great at keeping baby dry  as long as his pee volume was under the capacity of the diaper.  If the volume want even slightly over diaper capacity it was as if he was wearing nothing . . . wet PJs and wet bed . . . worse than the cloth diapers.  Maybe there it was the brand?  (seventh generation) Maybe we need a special night time diaper if using disposables?  We finally found that the Motherease one size with a snapped-in liner and a thick well-lanolinized diaper cover worked best for trimmest fit, quietest sounds when changing, no indention marks on legs or tummy, and no waking in puddles of pee.  Our little guy is in the 50th percentile for size and weight and has medium chunky thighs.


Hope you find something that works for you soon!

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We found that Goodmama one size fitteds and covers were the trick. He would wet through the RARs every night. He hasn't been wet through since.
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