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Zaxmama: Wow... you are right! When it rains it truly does pour! You must be giving off those positive vibes all over the place . I'm with Mel - if there are any feelings for your best friend, he sounds like an awesome guy and I'd consider giving him a chance if you think it wouldn't ruin the friendship in the long run.

As for me.... I'm not sure of what I'm doing these days. I feel awkward with "M" now after I unknowingly called him during my medication mood swing and he left that worried message for me the next day. He knew I was taking the medication and told me that he'd tried Celexa as well as Lexapro and Paxil himself and they weren't right for him, so it's not like the medication itself would scare him off. I just feel very needy right now and don't want to cling to this guy - he's got plenty of his own worries and doesn't need a clingy woman to add to it. I'm taking the weekend off from the phone and e-mails with this guy - just doing my own thing and trying to branch out a bit. The boys and I are going to my best friend's husband's car race (he races NASCAR mini stocks) on Saturday night, and I'm trying a new church on Sunday then probably going to the pool at the YMCA with the boys. I'll try calling him next week if he doesn't leave me any messages over the weekend (but I'm thinking he will). Any advice?
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Soul-O, I think you would be amazed about men. He probably feels "honored" that you called him. People, especially men, need to feel needed. So, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

T and I had a talk yesterday about what happened between the two of us earlier this week. Because, like you, Soul-O, I also "needed" him during a bad moment...but, I took it a step further and slept with him! T told me that he felt honored that I felt comfortable enough to share and allow him to "comfort" me, so I wouldn't doubt if M also felt the same way. Even more so if he had also had negative experiences with anti-depressants.

No dates for me this weekend, it is ds's 1st birthday on Sunday and tomorrow is my day (stbx is taking ds for the day, but I am starting to feel better about it). T will be in London all weekend visiting his family. He is British.
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Happy Birthday Oliver! Can you believe you made it through the first year? Congrats to you - you both deserve a party.

You're probably right about "M", Holland. He's been a firefighter long enough to have seen and heard just about every crisis. Mine was probably minor in comparison! I'm still planning to take a little break from him, however - I'm not in the best "dating" place right now and just feel like I need to gain some perspective. I'm sure he could use the break as well.
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Hi guys! Hasn't anyone been dating?

I've had two full days with my guy & all our kids in tow. It's been fun & hectic & now I'm ready for more one-on-one time again.

I'm glad we all get along well.....especially the kids. We've had lots of fun all together.

I'm hoping to get a sitter on the weekend or early next week so we can spend a few hours alone again!
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I haven't been dating....oogling guys, but not dating! :LOL I did go in and get active in the personals again, but I think I'm too much of a freak. One guy contacted me after I winked at him, then went and reread my profile and said...*I shoulda paid more attention to what you wrote, I don't think this would work*! Ok then....!
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Originally Posted by wemoon
I haven't been dating....oogling guys, but not dating! :LOL I did go in and get active in the personals again, but I think I'm too much of a freak. One guy contacted me after I winked at him, then went and reread my profile and said...*I shoulda paid more attention to what you wrote, I don't think this would work*! Ok then....!
You got to give him something for honesty...a lot of guys would have just not said anything...leaving you there to wonder what happened!

I am still seeing T. We have both been VERY busy with work, Oliver has been having issues with sleeping (I am back to that constant state of sleep deprivation) and my mind has been filled with potential ideas on what I can do to get back to the US. He knows that I am looking at opportunities to move back, but as I told him and he told me...you just never know! I have 6 months, so we will see what happens.

Oh, the life of a single mommy!
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Oh definitely! I was much more pleased that he said that than just ignored me. But I'm just not sure why he didn't read my profile FIRST, yk?
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Because one of the bad things about internet dating is that most people tend to ONLY look at the picture! That is one thing about internet dating that really bothers me. :
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girlfriends of mine have said a problem with internet dating is the guys are looking for the "hook-ups" if you dont know what that is ask your teenager.lol.
the boy i am dating called my cell phone and it only took me a week to get the message cos i cant turn it on. duh. so we might hang out tonight, i am friends with his roommate and we (roommate and i) made plans for this afternnon so we will see if i see him. last night ians bike got stolen and we ran into him at the coffee shop so we wallked over to his house where he gave ian a bike he had laying around.
i am such a dork. i really like him both as a friend and cute boy way. i think he likes me too. he he he.
wemoon i liked your website what did rude guy say about it. he knows nothing, obviously.
thanks for listening y'all.
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Well, thanks to a very good friend watching my kids today.....I got to go for a wonderful date. We sat on a patio....way too long, drank way too much, flirted a whole lot and had an amazing good time!

It was hard to leave. I really enjoy my new found adult life & I probably could have sat on the patio for another 4-5 hours. Oh well. I also know that my kids are growing up so quickly....and this time will pass quickly too and there will be many hours for sitting on patios etc. etc.

Just nice to be out having fun with a cute man!
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l.j. what fun.. i love doing that. just hanging out. i went out with a good friend last night, mostly because we were both feeling so bad that another good friend, almost a brother of mine died in a car crash. we hung out and talked and had a great time. it let me forget for a minute.
i went out with the cab driver i had about 6 months ago. we immediatly clocked but i couldnt just call the cab co. and ask for him. so friday night i saw him while riding my bike and stopped to chat. he asked me out for that night after work and it was great. he (cabdriver) guy has to out of town for two weeks so i will not be seeing him. oh well. its only a little while. but we really hit it off on our first date.
ahh the mysteries of boys.
one of my good friends is sooo popular with boys it is amazing, they just flock to her. weve been hanging out alot and i think she is rubbing off on me because the dates are not ending. it is so faboulous.
anyone else?
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Anyone dating? Not Me!
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Hey wemoon, I came over here to live vicariously thru you, hoping to hear some juicy dating story, and this is what I get??

LOL. Me neither!!
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:LOL I know! I'm bad, huh? But I KNOW some of these mama's have some juicy dating details going on!
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what's dating? never heard of that. lol i'm not either, the gut i went out on a date with, my friend, is a really heavy drinker and i didnt realize it. oh well his loss.
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All I can say is....

OMG.... Motherings rules wont allow me to talk about MY last few days
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Me too, Satori!

All I can say is that I have continued to date my friend who gave me that knock-out kiss and WOW!!!!!....it has gotten better and better.
This last weekend, we went to a wedding...danced, talked, laughed...it was so much fun!

Ladies, not to brag, but my whole body is sore and I'm not sure if it's from all the dancing or the backseat make-out session after the wedding
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: Wow! This is getting good!

Hooray for you Satori & Ahappymel!

I was away last week & my guy was away too. I don't think he's back yet....I haven't heard from him yet, but I'm hoping we'll be able to get together again soon. We had a very nice afternoon together before I left & we have some great chemistry! We'll see what happens when he gets back.
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It means a lot doesn't it?
Things are so intense between us at times, I think we are rivaling Billy Bob and Angelina :LOL
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T and I have cooled things down a bit, especially because of my impending move back to the US. He understands why I am leaving, but is still a bit sad about it.

Otherwise, I don't really have time to date right now, with the exception of T. My new job is very demanding and busy, in addition to all the preparations to move back to the US in March.
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