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Guess the diapers :)

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I am wondering if any of you gurus would know what type of diapers these are


The consignment store says all in ones with no tags.  They also say there are inserts that came with them for sale.  They don't know much about them and I live a ways from town.


Thought it would be worth a shot on here :)

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I've been out of diapers for many years now, and haven't bought diapers in over a decade so take this as a guess-


booty buns?  Baby land?  The cheap $5 ones from shop diaper?


Why does it matter?

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They are at a consignment store and I want to know about what they run new to know if I should get them used :)  And if they don't have the inserts what brand to buy for more.

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At first, I thought that they are SOS Diapers



but upon closer comparison, I guess not.  Plus SOS Diapers have a label on the front, plain as day.


Still, I think you could purchase the inserts from any other "one-size diaper" maker.


I guess you could google "one size diaper" and compare with other pictures.

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Thank you, I think I am going to pass on them after a bit of guessing I haven't found out and unless they are they when I can take a look.  They are $10 each plus the inserts at $2.49, they do look to be in great shape, but it seems a bit steep to me if they aren't all in ones and maybe even if they are.

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Well they certain look like pocket diapers and not all-in-ones to me. I'm guessing that there is an opening at the back that the insert goes into and the white layer inside the diaper is quite thin if you were to feel it between your fingers.


The lack of tag makes me think that they are from one of the cheaper chinese manufacturers who basically make diapers and anyone who buys wholesale from them can have their own tag put on them or buy them tag-free. Typically you would pay about $5 retail including a microfibre insert if you were to buy them yourself from one of these companies. If you want to know exactly who makes them then those printed diapers will probably give you the biggest clue as different makes tend to carry different patterns. But if you just want a similar diaper I'd suggest Alva Baby, they look just like what you have pictured here (the website can be a bit confusing but the diapers get great reviews, I quite like the ones I have from them too):



Oh, it seems they have at least one of those patterns available at Alva:


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Thank you so much, definitely not worth $10 a piece plus insert then.  Thank you again :)

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I think you are spot on, I found a couple of other prints they had on their site on Alva's. 

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isn`t it baby land?

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