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Online Schools in Utah

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My 8 year old son goes to a very progressive, experiential learning school in Salt Lake City.  I'm happy with the school and his progress there, he is also happy with the school.  However, his father would like to have a more standardized approach to education.  We are looking at dual enrolling him in an online school as a compromise.  Does anyone have any experience with online schooling?  I'm looking for a program in which he can design his own curriculum so that the work he is already doing at school will count toward some of his credits and he won't necessarily have to double up his workload.  Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!!  :)

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It looks like your post might have been missed, so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have recommendations to share?

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What experiential school does your son go to? Sounds like something we would be interested in. 


As for online schooling, they are becoming quite popular and there quite a few sprouting up here. There is one called Alianza Academy that I know a little about. A good friend of mine taught there for a few years. It is based out of the school but the kids do almost everything online and at their own pace. There are at least a few locations along the wasatch front. They have some project work as well that isn't online from what I understand. My friend really enjoyed it and said it works really well for some kids mainly those that don't need a lot of direction and get bored in a traditional classroom and those that take a little longer to grasp concepts. 

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