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protein shakes?

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I'm really really struggling with my diet the past couple of days. I need protein, but am barely managing some dairy (cheese or yogurt), a couple of nuts/spoonful of nut butter ... I was doing okay last week having a scrambled egg but that's a no-go right now (ugh). With previous pgs I had to supplement with protein shakes for a few weeks because I was losing too much weight going into the second trimester. The smell of Ensure is NASTY to me right now, but I just used the last of DH's visalus mix tonight. Anybody have a suggestion for an over the counter brand that is palatable and not horrific on the ingredients list?
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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time, morning/all day sickness is aweful. I'm going through a phase where I can eat something once, then I don't want it anymore. One thing I can tolerate is smoothies made using Plant Fussion protein powder, it is a little gritty, it doesn't bother me, but I wanted to forewarn you of that incase you're sensitive to textures. The protein powder is sweetened with stevia and comes in chocolate, vanilla and I think original. Its protein from only plant sources, its lactose free, it contains enzymes to help digestion, its non gmo. I get heartburn very easily and it seems to help me with that too. I get it from my local healthfood store, the last time I purchased it I ordered off of Amazon, it was actually a little cheaper. Have you tried Kind Bars or other protein bars ( although most of protein bars make me gag even when I'm not pregnant.) You also might want to try Quinoa or amaranth if you haven't already, they're pretty good sources of protein and you can change up the flavor to suit your tastes. Hope some of these suggestions help, best of luck to you.
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I like Sun Warrior plant protein powder...to add to drinks/smoothies.  I used it the last time I was pregnant (in the chocolate flavor) and probably will this time too.  I hate all dairy/meat/eggs right now and the past few days since my nausea has been more constant basically just find myself eating fruit.  I don't even like nuts anymore.  Eating is a real challenge lately.  

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I like vitacost's pea protein and its whey protein. I mix in some berries, coconut milk, greens, a few scoops of protein powder and some flaxseed. Yum! Lots of fiber and vitamins too!

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I use and love shakeology! 5 different kinds of protein (no soy) and it's all real superfoods. Nothing fake. The whey is processed at a low temp from a sustainable source and there are delicious vegan options. It's by far the best product I've found out there! It helps my nausea and definitely gives me more energy to get to lunchtime. Greenberry is my favorite right now. I mix with raw milk, frozen fruit, almond butter and banana. Tastes like a fruit blizzard. smile.gif

Here's more info: www.myshakeology.com/fitcrunchymama
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Sounds fantastic Wendyjo410, I might have to check that out when I run out of my plant fussion. Reading your post reminded me that I like to add chia seeds to my smoothies, because they are a great source of EFA's and they make me feel full longer. They also help keep your body particullarly your muscles hydrated.
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Great! There are two vegan flavors as options too. Good info on the chia!
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I'm using Pocketprotein.com. It's awesome. I got a promo code for a discount. I'll pass it along. Shannon10.
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I also have trouble getting enough protein not a dairy eater or big meat eater although I have added organic kefir to my diet. I recently started using Sun Warrior chocolate protein powder as well and it is pretty tasty, not too chalky. 

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