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Son playing with princeses

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My son is a wonderful kid and the absolute best big brother. I know the question I am about to ask is my issue and not his. My son loves to play princesses. It is usually with his 3 year old sister (he's 6 1/2), but he's always liked princesses and use to dress up as them. He will also play different adventure type things with his legos (star wars, Lord of the rings). He mainly plays with girls at school but at daycare he has a set of boys he likes playing with. It bothers me when he is always playing with girls and princesses(the girl he plays with he tells me he is going to marry her). When I see that he is playing with them I just turn and walk away and say nothing. Yes my biggest fear is what others think. I know I shouldn't care because he is my son and I love him, but I have struggled with issues like this my entire life and I wondered if anyone else has faced this and how they handle it or if u just have any suggestions.sorry that I rambled I'm on my phone and its hard to review what I've written.
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I wouldn't worry...My 5 year old nephew likes to dress up in my little girls princess clothes and get his nails painted if he sees L getting her done...I just go with it...My 6 year old likes to run up and down the sidewalks pushing dumptrucks and racecars...


I think at such a young age little children like to play both...


Let him dress up as much as he likes..I bet he likes to push those trucks around too....he sounds so sweet :)

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What bothers you about it? What are you worried that others might think? When you say you've struggled with issues like this your entire life, what do you mean? Would it bother you if your daughter were playing with toy tools/trucks/dinosaurs?

Just looking for some clarification. smile.gif
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In children under the age of five the gender thing is just something they may "try on". For them who are so young, gender seems a more fluid thing. Usually by six, kids will over correct themselves by making announcements to all that "Only girls can do X" or "only boys can do Y".

My nephew wanted to be a tree. My son was quite into necklaces,hats and Hawaiian shirts at three. I had an old fashioned uncle that said if I didn't reign in his fashion choices he'd "grow up to be a fairy". I said "I'm sure it takes more than that".

Just let your son be himself and hope he's somewhat happy.
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