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What Did Your HPTs Look Like?

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I'm afraid I've been obsessing a bit. :o I started testing before AF was even due (like 5 days before) and got a clear negative on a Dollar Store HPT. The next day, nothing again, but when I looked at the test hours later, there was the faintest of faint lines but I figured it might be an evap. line. I tested the next day and again, faintest of faint lines showed up after many hours, but possibly a teensy bit darker. Finally on Saturday (1 day before AF was due), I got what I'd call a "squinter." Sunday, super-duper faint line - again after probably 20 minutes of waiting. On Monday, I got another faint line (1 day late) but it took between 12-15 minutes to show up. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday (2-3 days late) before I finally got a line to show up within the 10 minute mark but still pretty faint. On Monday (1 day late) I used a FRER and it showed up within 3 minutes but not nearly as dark as the control. I took another FRER on Wednesday and just maybe it was a little more solid than Monday's FRER but again, not as dark as the control.


I took a Dollar Store test this morning with FMU and I guess around 3 minutes I could see where a line would show up (does that make sense?) Around 5 minutes, I could see a clear faint line with not much color. Definitely by 7 minutes, a clear, pink-purple line.


Has it been anyone's experience that the Dollar Store tests take a loooong time to fully develop? By 15 minutes or so, it was a nice fat pink line but still not nearly as dark as the control line.


It's always been my experience that I POAS and it's instantly as dark as the control line - at the same time the control line shows up. Maybe I waited longer to test before because I'd never ttc before? Or maybe I O'd late last month because my hormones were wonky from the m/c in Nov.? Or maybe it took longer to implant than most people (towards the 12 day end of the range?)


I guess I should take it as a good sign that the lines on the Dollar Store tests are now showing up within the time-frame and are darker than in the beginning but I sure would like to see a rapid, dark-as-the-control-line line. If my calculations are correct, I should be 4 weeks, 5 days today. Anybody else not getting super dark lines at this gestation?

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I took one HPT the day after my cycle should have begun.  I got it at walgreens, and spent 10 bucks.  It showed a strong pos as soon as I finished peeing.  I can't speak to the dollar store brand.  If it would ease your mind, maybe spend the few extra bucks?

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Here's my test at CD 26 or 16 DPO... (My 14DPO was much lighter but I don't have a pic on my phone)

That was pretty fast. Within a couple minutes, whereas my light CD14 test took a bit to come up.

I took a $store test yesterday and it did take longer to show and the test wasn't as dark as the control.
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I think my FRER is pretty close to yours, Butterfly - maybe a tiny bit lighter. THANK YOU for telling me about the $ store test; that makes me feel A LOT better!


Thanks sheaffer. Maybe I should try to be zen about it and stop testing. :)

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I haven't gotten the pics off the camera yet (lazy!) but I used Dollar Tree tests, 2 or 3 days after my period should have started, and the test line appeared right away as the urine moved through it toward the control. Not dark right off, but definitely immediately visible, and then darkened to BFP (dark, broad) in a few minutes.


I've BTDT on testing really early and squinting at the line that wasn't really a line, over and over, and last pg, it was so faint at first DH was not sure it was real. This time, I tested casually, expecting nothing, and boy was I surprised!

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I took another $ store test yesterday evening (I know, I know) and it still didn't show up immediately as is usual for me (I was 1 week late yesterday!) The faint, faint line showed up in about 2 minutes or less, but look a loooooong time to darken up but by 6 or 7 minutes was a nice dark color and fat, too. Still not as dark as the control line, but they've gotten progressively darker since I started testing - so I guess that's a good sign.

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I usually get clear positives like the one posted above but not this time. So I took a digital.
^13dpo squinter

^14dpo mine is on bottom and since blue dye gets a lot if false positives I made DH take one. And his is on top. Still a really squinter!

^15dpo no squinting required LOL
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Oh yes those dollar store tests! It's not that they're all *bad* per se, but they vary wildly on the amount of hcg they're able to detect. You might get a batch that's incredibly sensitive and then another batch that has you biting your nails and wondering if something is wrong! I test using first response 5 days early test because they're some of the most consistent tests you can get. Here were mine 1 day before AF. Slightly lighter positive than control, but appeared instantly this dark. Yes, I peed on all three of them in succession as DH wanted to be "absolutely sure" lol. 


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Here's mine at 17dpo.  I took one at 11dpo, looked quickly, saw nothing so just waited for AF.  Our timing wasn't great (3 days before ovulation and it took us 20 months to conceive our last baby so I wasn't expecting anything this month).  It clearly would have been positive earlier than 17dpo.  This is actually lighter than it was.  I forgot to take a picture at first so this is hours later and it was much lighter than it was initially.  



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