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siskiyou county?

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Hello, any mamas in siskiyou cnty or know much about the area? Is it mostly old west style? We are crunchy and looking for acreage, I don't mind driving an hr or so to town. Anybody know much about weed or yreka? 

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Any parents in the area have info to share?

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Guess no ones out there, thanks anyway

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I'm sorry, just noticed this! I live in South Siskiyou county (Dunsmuir). There is definitely a frontier feel living here. In Mt. Shasta, there is a health food store, which is about 15 minutes South of Weed. Yreka is the biggest town in the county and they have a Walmart so some people see that as a plus. The towns are a bit isolated, but everything is connected by the 5 freeway so it makes it easy to get where you need to go. A lot of people have land and livestock. You may also want to check out Gazelle and Montague if you don't mind driving to run errands.

If you like outdoor activities, it is an amazing place to live. There are amazing things to do here year round.

The type of people is pretty mixed. In Mt. Shasta you find more of the crunchy types, but there are a lot of "rednecks" and libertarians (the category I personally fit into. Most people are incredibly friendly but mind their own business.

The hardest thing people find with living here is getting a job. We have a really high unemployment rate as a county.

Let me know if you have any more questions! smile.gif
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Fantastic! So happy you did finally see this! All that sounds good to me. Not big Wal-Mart ppl but the health food store is a plus. Are there any organic livestock or food farms? Anything of that mind? How about the business of secession? I read that siskiyou and modoc counties wanted to secede because they want to bring in businesses that are regulated in CA. That sounds, to me, like environmentally questionable stuff. Have any insight on that? Also, how are you all reacting to the fukushima problem? Thanks!

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We're not really big on Walmart either smile.gif. Redding is not a bad drive at all, so a lot of people drive down there for supplies and even groceries (they have a trader joe's!)

The growing season is really really short here (due to cold winters and hot summers) so it is a little harder to find organic local produce, but it is definitely out there. It is really easy to find stone fruit and apples in South County because the Italian railroad workers planted them 100 years ago, so everyone in that area had multiple fruit trees in their yard (and lots of grapes too!) . There are a lot of wild foods as well, like berries and mushrooms. However, it is really easy to find organic, grassed meat and eggs. Tons of people have backyard chickens that they feed organic, and pastured beef and goat is also plentiful. Raw milk is hard to come by, but there are a few farms that do milking shares where you can come out and milk for a bi-monthly fee if you complete the training.

I honestly don't think the county will ever secede. People are really passionate about the topic, but there is A LOT that would have to happen before we could even vote about it. There was an article about it in our local newspaper the other day, here is the link: http://www.mtshastanews.com/article/20140129/NEWS/140129611

Mt. Shasta is pretty hip to the Fukushima issue, and they have a group that meets every so often to discuss it. They are trying to raise money to buy a sampling kit right now, so it will be interesting to see the results of the test. Other than that people don't really talk about it.

Oh, I also wanted to mention that the public school system here is HORRIBLE. Most people either send their kids to private school or charter school, or go the homeschool route.
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Love the wild foods part, also pastured meat, pretty important as we wont be keeping large animals, at least not right off.I read the article you posted, also checked out the link at the bottom, Jefferson republic, very cool. I read, probably a yr ago now, in a national geographic mag from the early 2000s, about this same thing, protecting natural resources. Definitely a just cause, I really like what I saw . About education, we plan to homeschool, we've actually started that already a bit. Because of the poor public schooling, though, do you feel that it has an impact on the community as far as crime and drug use? I love the beauty of the area :)

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Oh yeah, the milking share sounds really neat too! I'm curious of the results in mt Shasta also , hope they get that soon.

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We're moving to Gazelle on Wednesday, so although I have no information right now I will soon!
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Out of curiosity, what sends you from nyc to gazelle ca?

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My husband's job. We're here now... I am adjusting very slowly. I'm happy to see Yreka is bigger than I'd expected.
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I don't live there but enjoy visiting the area!

If you are still looking for affordable land also check out the Mariposa, Ca. area. Lots of great deals there still.

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