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I have two children, both born via csection. I want a vba2c the next go round!! Has anyone experienced this? Would love to hear stories/comments! I'm in knoxville tn area smile.gif any providers in this area that would allow this?
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Hello dking123! Welcome to Mothering! I am bumping up your post for more attention. You may also want to visit our VBAC forum. Good luck!
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Although I'm not in your area, I would like to encourage you in your pursuit!  I've had many VBAC clients, including one or two VBAmC.  It can be done!

You may already be familiar with the www.vbacfacts.com website.  There is a post there that gives questions to ask when interviewing care providers.  It's very helpful. 

Also, if you can find a good doula or other birth professional who you can talk to about your previous birth experiences, I find that the process helps moms prepare mentally and emotionally for their VBAC.

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