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Live Ed! versus Enki

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Any thoughts on these two curricula? 

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Enki was reviewed by one of our members. 


These threads discuss both Live Ed and Enki:  





Hope this helps!

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Thanks! I'll check those out.

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I have used both Enki and Live-Ed.

I used Enki for my girls from 1st - 3rd grades. I had an amazing experience using the materials. At first glance, it seems like a large investment, but so many of the materials are usable all the way through 5th grade. With Enki, you have not only more stories than can be used in a year, but instructions on painting, crafts, handwork, songs, community songs, recorder lessons for you and for the children, science, math, movement, developmental guidance, and the philosophy behind the work. This is not  strict Waldorf.  It resonated with me, as I felt it kept to the same developmental approach and basic curricula, yet brought many of the ideas up to the 21st century. The stories have all been crafted for each grade, so that it truly resonates with the age of the child. It leaves you, as the teacher, many options for proceeding, with guidance all along the way. 

I used Live-Ed for 4th grade, which I also enjoyed. I thought that the blocks were beautifully laid out. But for the investment, I still had to go and search out materials on my own. This is a very straight forward Waldorf curricula. The pictures are vary inspiring. I felt very glad that I had the experience of Enki, so I felt comfortable supplementing and finding the support I needed.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.



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Thank you!  That's just the information I'm looking for.  I've purchased the Foundation Guides for Enki and feel a real peace about them, much more than I have felt with Waldorf (and I liked a lot about it).

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Great. Would love to hear after you get the Foundation Guides, see how it resonates.

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I have them now and have finished book one.  It seems like a perfect fit.  Wonderful encouragement.

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I have a question about enki.. Is it spiritual or religious? I know it's waldorf inspired but does it teach anthroposophy? Everything about it sounds great except I'm not sure about this aspect
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No.  It believes there are many paths up the same mountain, each one having equal value, but you don't have to be religious to use it.  It wouldn't suit a fundamentalist or orthodox type or a staunch atheist.  You can read more about this specific question on the Enki Experience google group.

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Thanks so much!
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Enki is not geared towards any religion. It has a strong multi-cultural focus, so there will be exploration of different cultures within the curriculum. My opinion is that it can work for anyone, whether atheist, Orthodox, or any religion at all, if you want to bring in
multicultural knowledge to your child's education.

I'm using Enki K now and plan to use it through as many grades for which an Enki curriculum is available. Then I will likely use Live Ed (I own Live Ed K and used it the year prior to purchasing Enki K) and continuing to apply the Enki principles.
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