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Jewish/Israeli Homeschooling help?

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Hey, all! I'm back from a hiatus from mothering and in a whole different place in life. Toby and Nomi have been in an Israeli (read: all-Hebrew) gan and are loving it! That being said, we have an issue going into next year. We are moving back to the states, and Toby will be the right age for First Grade. We have a few great public magnet school options, but I'm concerned about him retaining his Hebrew fluency without the ability to take Hebrew in the public schools. The Jewish Day School is unbelievably unaffordable.


I'm a full-time graduate student, but DH is looking at part-time work, and would be home whenever I am not, so we are considering homeschooling. I would keep track of curriculum and do language arts, social sciences, Hebrew, limudei kodesh (religious ed), and he would do math, science, music, and art. We're getting excited about the idea and coming up with some great eclectic resources.


Ok, so here's where you come in: I wanted some advice on mostly limudei kodesh and retaining Hebrew fluency ideas. I love Behrman House and will likely use some of their materials for religious school curricula, but what others are good? I also know about alef-bet coloring pages and stuff, but my kids are currently completely fluent (far beyond my skills) in Hebrew and I really really want them to keep those skills. Do you know about any kids' computer games/apps that work on Hebrew? We'll do plenty of Israeli videos, but I also want some of the language structure.


Thoughts? Help? TIA!

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I'm sorry I don't have any information to share, but I am bumping this up for more attention.
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Hi there! My son was in a Hebrew preschool and I am trying to keep his hebrew up even though mine is a bit limited. I don't have to much, but have you heard of sifriyat pajama? Here is the website http://www.pjisrael.org. They will send your child a Hebrew book every month and they have activities going on in various cities in the states. Not sure where you are at, but check out their website. You can read it in Hebrew or English.
Also check out https://www.storyly.com. I haven't tried it yet but it is an app that reads children's books in Hebrew. It looks fun.
I would love to hear what resources you are using now and what videos your kids like.
Thanks so much
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Yes, we love the PJ library! I'll also try storyly. Thank you!


Right now, I'm mostly using the language stuff I can find at chinuch.org, but I'm lucky enough that we're in Jerusalem now and my kids have been in an immersive, Hebrew-only gan here. I'm madly brushing up on my Hebrew, but I fear that they're only going to get as good as me and then plateau.


I know TV is great, so I'm collecting lots of YouTube videos and PBS-equivalent Israeli stuff, too. That's pretty much all I've got, though.

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This helps me too - because my family is taking a trip to Israel in May. So for our homeschooling this spring, we are trying to find everything we can about Israel (culture, language, politics, geography.....)  

So thank you!




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Very cool! Where will you be traveling? Is this your first time? If you need help and resources, please let me know. :)

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I would love your help!! We will be flying into Tel Aviv. And staying for 2 weeks.  Besides that, the exploration is up to us.  Of course there are the famous things we will go see, Dome of the Rock, Dead sea, Galilee.... But right now we are doing our research on what things would be interesting for us. We know we can not see everything.  I would love your input on what you think would be a great experience. 

Thanks so much!!

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