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michigan unassisted birth

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Hi im trisha and 26 weeks pregnant today. I had 2 natural births in the hospital one which was a wterbirth. I live in michigan now and unable to dk what i want in hospitals here but cannot afford a midwife greensad.gif i was just wondeeing if i do a homebirth unassisted how do i go about everything as in the birth certificate or baby check up? Help lol.
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There are some midwives that will work out a barter with you to provide services. I don't know where you are in Michigan but Linda Healey from Battle Creek even states she will barter on here website.

As far as getting a birth certificate, my parents who did 5 unassisted births in Wisconsin just went to the county clerks office to register the birth. For a baby check up, I would think you would just call a pediatrician. Not so spre on the baby checkup since my parents never did these. I just had twins in a hospital and called the pediatrician foran appt the day after discharge so maybe you would go earlier?
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You might want to post this in the unassisted birth forum,they're very supportive. I don't know the answer to your specific wuerion
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