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Boobs and stuff

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I am at 5 months with my first little nurseling, and I am in awe at how much my breasts have changed. Anyone else want to just be in awe at our bodies? Share tips?

For example, I finally traded my nursing tank collection for real, underwire bras and WOW. I just feel so much more supported. I've never needed more than a tank before, with barely-Bs, but when I was fitted for a new bra, I was astonished to fill a D cup.

First dark and a little bigger in pregnancy, then somewhat bigger at first with nursing and then toughened nipples and bright blue veins everywhere, then suddenly, in the last couple of weeks a definite boost in size. At least one full cup.
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That's interesting that you've seen a change in size recently. Mine have been pretty much the same size since they increased during pregnancy. Have you ever had clogged ducts? Underwire bras can put pressure on the ducts and cause clogs so something to be aware of. I have always needed the support and I miss my underwire bras. I compensate by buying really pretty bras from Hotmilk. They have great nursing bras! I still love a tank on the weekend though. So easy. I am often amazed at what my breasts can do. I am still in awe that they have fed my baby and gotten him to grow so big and healthy.
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