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Fresh face!

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Hello! Im Sheva. Im 8 weeks pregnant, for my first time ever, 30 years old and diving into a new world I never imagined for myself 5 years ago. I know the minute i got pregnant and it sure was a romantic day... living in the forest off grid in a little cabin, we took a hike down to the river on a rainy day in December, found a canoe, trudged through a wetland marsh with it and took that out for about 3 miles, lit hanukah candles on the boat in the rain (the menorah was a borrowed gift, it was mostly fun and ceremonial) sang laughed, all n the rain.... we came back to quasi-land and in the forest, All by ourselves created our little one.. the first words out of my mouth were, papa kevin.... and i was spot on. Of course. Magic! This is all new for me so Im open to suggestions, support ideas and, giving it out myself. I want to homebirth with a doula and midwife and any direction in Denver CO would be awesome. Much love!

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What a romantic story!
Have you joined your due date club?
Or/ and if you are looking for a midwife or such maybe try in your tribe
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