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Round Ligament Pain....

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Is driving me up a wall this weekend! If I get up too fast, sneeze while I am sitting a certain way....ugh it's awful! I don't remember it being this bad last time. Anyone else suffering from it?
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Yep! the most common time is when I sneeze, but not every time I sneeze. I haven't figured out if any sneeze positions are more likely. I have bad allergies out of nowhere since last may (and never before in my life? uggghhh) so i'm a pretty sneezy person.

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I've had a lot too, I think te baby's having a growth spurt because my uterus is actually sore on top of the ligament pain. 

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Oh me too!  My husband and I did a lot of walking around this weekend and everything got tight and sore.  My uterus is wayyyy more sore this time around!

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Yup, me too, but from coughing. I find knees to chest the best position for avoiding pain while sneezing/coughing/rolling over, if you can bend over or get your knees up in time.
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I'm in pain from those darn round ligaments if I sit for more than 2 hours, sneeze, or just twist in a weird way.  I don't remember it being this bad with my past pregnancies.

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I put a warm heating pad on my lower abdomen (nobody panic it wasn't hot) and it felt so much better. It was maybe just a sensory thing, but the warm wrap was comfortably distracting. 

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DefineGrace, what kind of heating pad do you use? I didn't take any in the move (although I do have soft rice/ice packs), and I've been thinking for some time now that I would love a heating pad, but - of course - there's the pregnancy to consider.


We had a myriad when I was growing up (hot water bottle, microwavable heating pad, electric heating pad) and I preferred the electric one because it was far easier to control the temperature.

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I have a I will double check when I go downstairs on the brand name I just looked for it online and couldn't find one, it's machine washable and has a fuzzy body, like a very soft sock and 3 temps and a 20 minute auto shut off. I love hot water bottles because of the weight and counter pressure and contouring (especially for period cramps) but a heating pad is the way to go. I'll take a pic of it and post it.

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I have one from brookstone that someone gave me for christmas--it's a bean-shaped water bottle that plugs in and heats up. You can't adjust the temp (other than by taking it off the plug when you think it's ready) but it is a nice combo of the two things.
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I was having strange cramping in my sides that felt kind of like period cramps and I was a little worried (first time pregnancy here). So I searched google first. After sifting through pages of stuff that sounded really horrible, I found that I probably just have round ligament pain. Does anyone know of any remedies for this? It's not horrible pain, just annoying and keeps me up at night sometimes. 

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