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Is NO bed rest possible?

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Hi, Twin moms,

It seems all I hear from twin moms is bed rest and early deliveries... Is there anyone you know of that went to term with twins and did not have to be ordered on to bed rest?

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Most moms of multiples I know didn't go on bedrest, though it was rare for them to go beyond 37 weeks. I ended up in the hospital, but that was due to illness, not a bedrest need per se. I think my guys would have at least gone to 40 weeks, but MY body (aside from my uterus and cervix, which were great!) was not handling stuff well at the endpoint.

However, please be aware that most OBs will definitely err on the conservative side of things.

I think that if you take good care of yourself, make sure to meet the new updated nutritional guidelines, drink a ton of water, and make sure not to do anything foolish (like run a marathon when you're 32 weeks) you stand a great chance of not going on bedrest.

But...it might happen. I think that it's always a good thing to have Plan B (in case of bedrest) in place so you don't stress out about it.
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i had preemies (29 weeks) but I know a good many women who went full term with no bed rest! my sil went to 40 weeks 3 days
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My girls were born at 38w3d weighing in at 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 7 lbs. 1 oz. and I was never on any restrictions during my pregnancy. In fact, I continued to breastfeed my oldest dd until the beginning of my 3rd trimester which was right after she turned 2. My OB was fine with me nursing and didn't encourage me to wean at all. I gained around 60 lbs. and measured 52 cm's when I gave birth. Both girls were vaginally delivered even though my Baby B was breech. My OB turned her once I delivered Baby A and she was born 47 minutes after her sister. Both girls nursed within 1 hour of their birth and are now happy nursing toddlers.

Do you have the book "When You're Expecting Twins..." by Dr. Barbara Luke? You can buy it on Amazon.com and I think it's a MUST HAVE for Mama's expecting more then one baby. Also, "Having Twins" by Elizabeth Nobel and "Mothering Multiples" which is published by LLL.
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40 weeks, 2 days, no bedrest.

HAving Twins by Noble is GREAT. and i second or third...what tigerchild said.

Drink a TON of water and lots of protein. No sugar or junky food. Keep your blood volume up third trimester by eating protein round the clock, drinking lots of water round the clock and salting your food. (Anne Frye has a great by small section on twins in Holistic Midwifery)
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The others have already said it all, I think...It is totally possible to avoid bedrest. Make sure you take care of yourself. I second the thoughts on When You Are Having Twins, Triplets or More and Mothering Multiples.

Congratulations! I love having twins

Alisa, mama to Ella and Isabel, 16 months
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my SIL went 40+weeks with her twins-one was 9 pounds something and one was 8 pounds something...

they were children numbers 4 and 5-they have 6 now...
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I didn't have bed rest.
They were about 2 wks early which is considered safe.
They're were delivered vaginally after about a 15 hr labor.
It was actually and easier labor than with my singlton who was my first born.
Fiona was second and came out feet first which was tricky, but I had good experienced OBGYNs.
I guess it may depend on if the mother's health, prior pregnancies and age before conception. I don't know the statistics on that, but I'd assume if she had a preexisting condition there would be higher risk.
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No bed rest here either. I went 38 weeks and had two healthy babies. I was even old. 39 :
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I was told around 32 weeks that I needed to cut down on my working outside the home. The doctor originally wanted me home from 32 weeks on, but I persuaded her that I should do half days instead (I teach). I was doing fine until 34 weeks when I went into premature labour (and didn't even know it! duh!) and dialated to 4 cm. Thankfully, labour did not progress and I hung on til 35 weeks 5 days before my water broke. I had been on full bedrest those last 12 or so days. My boys weighed in at 6lbs12oz and 7lbs7oz.
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I was on bedrest from 29-35 weeks, but I don't think I really needed to be. I went into "preterm labor," but I don't think it really was PT labor because my cervix never dilated. I was having BH contrax. every five minutes, so I was put on meds. and bedrest. I stopped taking the meds (allergic reaction), but stayed on bedrest for six weeks. I still had the BH contrax. all the time, though not as much as when I was walking around. I had been teaching kindergarten full-time up until then, and I was really tired. In some ways it was nice to be told to take a break, although I did get really bored.

I went off bedrest at 35 weeks and made it all the way to the scheduled c-section at 38 weeks, 2 days (both of my babies were breech, and I couldn't find anyone who would assist me in delivering them vaginally). I would have gone longer, but I really just couldn't take it any longer. I never thought I would put my own comfort before my babies, but I was really, really done. Those last few weeks (35-38 weeks) were the hardest weeks of my life.

I drank lots and lots and lots of water and milk (the easiest way for me to get enough protein). My babies weighed 8-7 and 6-4 and were very healthy.

Good luck and congratulations!

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No bedrest here. I was at work the day the boys were born. I went to 36 weeks and the boys were 5 lbs 9 oz and 4 lbs 15 oz. They went home the same day I did. My neightbor also has twins. She went to 38 weeks, still worked and had two healthy boys as well!
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i was never put on bedrest
tho' in the last few weeks i became so swollen and uncomfortable
that i spent a lot of time w/ my feet up
by my own choosing
i also nursed my older daughter (she still is)
and she was 17 mos. old when they were born
i delivered at 37 + 6 days
and they were 6lbs and 8lbs 11oz
i think a LOT of women go full term
(to at least 37 weeks) these days as more is known
about good nutrition

if you go to twinstuff.com
they have put all the members' data on a table that you can look at
weeks gestation, babies weights, etc.
it can give you an idea of normal ranges
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I know a lot of twin moms who lasted until "term" (at least 36 weeks for twin pregnancies) and had totally healthy babes

I had mine at 31 weeks and only spent a week on bedrest when I went into labor at 30 weeks until they had to be delivered but mine was because of other factors other than just the twins, I think. I did everything perfectly, followed the perfect diet, was doing great until 30 weeks when "pop". (But I have a heart disease and was on heart meds so I think that had something to do with it...)

Anyway, I definitly know more twin moms who went to term then who didn't!
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No bed rest for me!
My twins were a surprise at delivery, though, so nobody was watching and expecting that for me. They are my 5th and 6th children.
The girls came at just past 37 weeks and were both breach, folded up and bottoms first........delivered just fine! No squished up, funny shaped heads! They weighed 7lbs 10oz and 7lbs 3oz
I had complained about swollen ankles and a vericose vein in one leg.....I remember my nurse laughing that those were normal pregnancy complaints and I said that they weren't for me!!!

I found Mothering Multiples from LLL to be a real blessing. I was trying to catch up after the fact, since I had obviously not read anything before they were born! I had a friend who read it first and bookmarked the things she thought would be helpful to me........one of the greatest gifts I've been given, since there was so much that I didn't need or already knew, and my time was SO limited right then.

Wishing you many blessings in your pregnancy and delivery!
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When I was 37 weeks, my "high risk" OB actually paraded me around her office: "Look, 37 weeks with twins and she's still working!"

My twins were born at 39 weeks, 4 days (I don't believe the adage that 36 weeks is "full term for twins". BS. Just because they have a sibling in there, they don't need as long to cook?) and weighed over 6 and over 7 pounds.

I took it easy the last 3 weeks, but only because for the last 6 weeks I was 85% effaced and 5 cm dilated! Didn't want anyone to fall out before their time!

Totally possible. I second, third, whatever, the books mentioned, as well as Dr. Tom Brewer's Blue Ribbon Baby method. I truly believe that helped my babies go to term, and come out bigger than my singleton. I think it's www.blueribbonbaby.com .
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Oh that's not the link, that's some child photo contest.

Anyone have Dr. Brewer's link?
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My twins were born at 39 weeks, 4 days (I don't believe the adage that 36 weeks is "full term for twins". BS. Just because they have a sibling in there, they don't need as long to cook?) and weighed over 6 and over 7 pounds.

i'm not sure that this is BS
i have not seen the research myself
but when i was pregnant w/ my twins
my midwife talked to me about this - twins being full term
at 36 weeks and "probably" ok to deliver at home at 35
apparently the research shows that multiples' lungs
DO mature at a faster rate - more surfactant present earlier
it is all part of nature's (usually) perfect plan
it is harder on the mama's body to carry more than one
and chances are she won't make it to 39 or 40 weeks
so they are ready faster
pregnancy and childbirth are so miraculous to me
that i totally believe this can be true
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My sisters friend had twin girls, born at 39 weeks, no bedrest- each baby was around 7 lbs, the 2nd was breech, vaginal delivery, no epidural.
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No bedrest here-I had a homebirth and went to 39 weeks. My girls were 6 1/2 and 7 1/2 pounds. I could have gone to 40 weeks, but I took herbs to speed things up. I was having some issues and needed to get the labor going. I read a great article in my newspaper recently that says bedrest is so unneccesary in many cases and can actually do more harm than good. I took it easy and never overdid it.
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