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www.blueribbonbaby.org is Dr. Brewer's site
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Hi Savannah, I've asked that same question myself. I'm 33wks 2days today and no bed rest has been ordered for me! I'm still working. 3 days/wk (sit at a computer). I run after my 16 mos son too. I'm slowing down of course but hanging in there! I drink LOTS of water, day and night...speaking of which I'm thirsty now...and drink protein shakes to get in those extra grams.

Good luck!

33wks 2days
id sweet baby girls edd 7-4-04 (40 weeks)
Dominic (The Dom) : 12-29-02
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I wasn't on bedrest. I was hospitalized for health problems but I wasn't put on any restrictions as far as walking, etc. In fact EVERY time I wanted to leave my hospital room the nurses had to check my chart because it's unheard of for mother's on the ante-partum floor to not be on bedrest. I was there for observation for 3 weeks, other than a few cases of contractions I was fine. I did deliver at 34w2d though - planned due to my liver problems. I never got very big, I lost weight while pregnant, and I wasn't having any problems as far as swelling etc so I don't know that I ever would have been on bedrest if I had carried longer.

A friend of mine carried til 37w3d and was never on bedrest and had no complications whatsoever...she went in for an induction but ended up having a c-section.

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No bedrest here too and I had a high risk Twin-to-Twin pregnancy. I was taken off work at 25 weeks though because the docs felt my 40 min commute was too much but I was never put on bedrest at all until I was delivered at 29 weeks (one little guy ran out of amniotic fluid but bed rest wouldn't have helped at all).

If you're healthy and the twins are in good shape, there's no reason IMHO that you should be on bedrest.

Good luck!
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Oh yeah! My twins were born on their due date at 40 weeks,
and weighed 8,7 and 9.4. No best rest here, though I could
barely move at the end so I spent a lot of time in bed!
Read noble's book for sure! Lots of protein,
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no bedrest here either

i was told over and over i'd have my girls by thanksgiving (i was due Christmas) cause i am such a small person and there'd be no way my body could handle carrying twins any further..HAHA..this 5'1, 100lb body carried my girls 39 weeks 3days!!! i was miserable at the end though..but i never changed anything..i was active til the day before i gave birth..my girls weighed 5lbs13oz, and 5lb5 oz..which is quite impressive as i didnt look like i was carrying twins at all. i had gained 46lbs all in my belly and that was it..no one every guessed it was two in there...and after 21hours, 30 mins of pushing..i delivered my girls..A was headfirst, B was footling breech (she was transverse since about 20 weeks..but we all had hope she'd turn after A was out...but NOPE..stubborn baby lol) and had a great team of doctors there to help assist with getting B out..it only took 10 minutes after A was born

but at the end of my pregnancy.i did sleep alot more..i was just exhausted..those girls took everything out of me and i hurt so bad all the time..so i just lazed around.anywyas.
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Hi mama's! : Man I wish I could get here more often! So wonderful to hear of all these full term babies. TO answer the OP.. yes.. you can have full term babies with no bedrest. My babies are 10 months old now. We also have an 8 ad 5 year old. I went 39 weeks and 5 days in the horrid heat of July in Las Vegas! I had a wodnerful homebirth-4 hours from start to finish, and my babies were 6 lb 9 oz, and 7 lbs. 4 oz. They now are 24 pds ( boy) and 17pds( girl). It can be done! Ditto to what all these wise mamas said.... GREAT nutrition- I did alot of raw (gained 12 pds). I also saw my Chiro every 3 days or so because my pelvis would shift and start to kill. Massages.... LOTS of water, and Hotmamacitas words rerunning in my mind like a ticker tape...water, good food..etc..lol! Also, lots of good support, positive thoughts, nnon alarmist surroundings, and peace! Best of luck.

Hughestwins.homestead.com ( not updated..but gettig there)
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Hi again Savannah! I'm still hanging in there. 35w3d today!!

I'm still positive about getting to 40w!! Slowing down lots. These babes are taking everything out of me!

Hope you are doing well!!!

35w3d today!
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WTG, Carmella, thanks for the update! And JoDoula, your birth story is so incredible. I'll have to hold onto that one in my heart, because it sounds like exactly what I want. (Though dh and state law won't let me homebirth twins; I'll still visualize a birth nearly as perfect in the hospital setting...)

25 weeks now!
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I delivered my boys at 37w5d. No bed rest and no hospitalization, until the inducement. But my bp was up and they were ob/gyns, and I didn't know as much as I do now! DS1 was 7'15" and DS2 was 6'11", so I really couldn't imagine them staying in longer!! We went home 30 hours later, and I nursed them until they were 2+. They are seven now...and it gets easier.

Good luck!!
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My mom went to 38 1/2 weeks w/ my sisters, which was better than the barely 36 she went w/ me. And she was never on bedrest.

Of course, this was 25 years ago in rural Idaho. The doctor wasn't sure it was twins (and didn't tell my mother it was or could be) until 3 days before they were born. It wasn't until then that he was sure he was hearing 2 heartbeats. This was in pre-ultrasound days, of course.
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I was on bedrest from 28-32 weeks with "preterm labor" (though, like Lex, without cervical change - in fact I was 0 and closed until 12 hours before I delivered)... I delivered at 32 weeks after a toxic dose of mag sulfate in the hospital wouldn't stop labor. I was "diagnosed" with an "irritable uterus". I don't know whether to :LOL or at that archaic, sexist term! ANYWAY... for all you twin mamas still hangin in there, keep it up!! Also know that research clearly shows that twins DO mature faster than singletons... e.g., mine had apgars of 7/9 and 8/9 and breathed beautifully on their own. So even though 34 or 36 weeks is not ideal, it's a heck of a lot better than it would be for a singleton. (The doc in charge of our NICU said my twins fared about as well as a 35 week singleton would have.) So even though you want to do everything you can to grow those bundles til 40 weeks if you can, it really is true what they say, that 32 weeks is a big turning point for twins so you can relax *a little*.
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I completely understand and am aware of the research showing the accelerated lung development of twins; that still doesn't mean that their "due dates" should be moved up, imo. Babies are more than just lung development, and getting them out just because "they'll probably be fine" is a bit too spooky for me. Smacks of the celebrities being induced or having elective sections at 8 months (coincidentally also 36 weeks?) just so they won't have to get much bigger. Sure, their babies will likely be fine ... Oh well, guess I am getting too philosophical about it.

And obviously there are plenty of informed twin mommas right here who went beyond 36 weeks. Does that mean they are all post-dates? Don't think so.

Sorry I posted too offhandedly to make myself clear.

And Apricot, thanks for the real link. Dr. Brewer has done more for healthy babies, especially multiples, than anyone I can think of.

Thanks again!
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Oh, Smilemomma you and I are in total agreement re: babies should stay in as long as possible. Didn't mean to imply otherwise. I just had a friend go through bedrest with twins and she was just relieved to know when she passed the 32 and then 34 week mark that she was over some sort of theoretical hump if that makes sense -- for moms who have to deal with bedrest, it's kind of comforting to get to the point where you know that every day counts but that the babies have a good shot at breathing well, etc etc.

And as someone who struggled with nursing issues due to immature suck/swallow reflexes until right around their original due date, you're preaching to the choir re: being able to breathe doesn't mean being ready to be born! No, 36 weeks certainly is NOT full term. All I was trying to say is that, for example, a 35 week twin will fare, overall, far better than a 35 week singleton. And that this knowledge is of course comforting in some way to a twin mama on bedrest.
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Oh, Peri, thanks for your post! I guess I'm coming from the memory of fighting to keep them in. My own *midwife* called me three times in ONE DAY to try to get me to induce once I was 36 weeks. She even offered to do it with herbs or homeopathy since she knows how I am . I was all, "inducing is inducing no matter how natural the method!".

I ended up at the hospital "just to check on the babies" around that time. Fluid levels were great, BP great, heart tones great, fetal movement/lung movement great, etc. I was also dilated 5 cm and was having contractions I couldn't feel every 3 minutes.

I left. The nurses literally followed me to the elevator, saying "this is when we usually admit!"

I told them, "look, clearly I'll be back soon!" Jeepers :

I really felt like I spent my whole pregnancy, and daily my last month, fighting off every kind of medical person with a stick, every one of them saying I was "full term". Ugh.

So I got testy, hee hee. I apologize!

and and a too!
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