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Feel like I made a mistake w/ solids, need advice how to fix it!

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So the pediatrician reccomended that we start giving our baby girl little tastes of food starting at 4 months, just so she could have the experience. He said she seemed ready. He was right in that she LOVED it. Hasn't found a food she doesn't like, and she was handing eating really well...putting food in her mouth herself, making chewing motions and swallowing. Wouldn't really gag at all. So I took that as a sign that she was truly ready and gave her little soft bits of whatever I was eating (not nuts, shellfish, sugar, caffeine etc). Now she's 5 months old so I've been doing this for a month BUT I read a really well researched article about why you shouldn't start any kinds of solids until AT LEAST 6 months. I looked at the research and I think they're right...nothing but breastmilk til 6 months really is best. So now I have to make a decision: should I stop solids completely and then start again at 6 or 7 months when she's met all the readiness milestones? or since she's had a month of solids already should I keep giving her table food? or some other options I haven't thought of yet? 

Thanks for your advice!

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I did this! I started my son on purees around 5 months bc that's what I did with my first and then i just didn't feel right about it and stopped and EBF until almost 9 months and then did BLW. He is 15 months now and still night nurses and nurses quite often throughout the day so we still do BLW!
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Eh, I wouldn't be overly concerned about it. Recommendations have changed but there are still a lot of doctors saying four months. I did 4 months with my oldest four and held off till 6 or 7 with my youngest two. Not sure I see any difference in them, at least at this point.


If your baby is actively "asking" for food I probably wouldn't stop her from taking it. If you are doing the whole feed them a jar at every meal, you could probably cut back on that.

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If she's into them then I wouldn't worry. There's mixed information on whether to start at 4 months or 6 months. My daughter wasn't really interested until 7 months, but if yours is interested now, I don't see anything wrong with giving her small amounts of solids. 

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You have done exactly the right thing for your baby, my baby girl is/was the same way.  By allowing baby to feed his/her self, you are not stuffing the baby full of foods they aren't ready for.  My baby girl has been feeding herself for about 3 months now and still barely manages to get a full tablespoon in at each meal.  


My baby started going for our food at 4 months, and I made her wait until 5 months before I started letting her taste.  There's nothing wrong with letting your baby eat real foods (what you eat, not rice cereal) in small portions at such a young age.


Remember, you know what's best for your baby and if it feels right it probably is :)

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