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Bone broth questions...

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My acupuncturist suggested I make bone broth for its health bennies for me and growing bambino. I thought it a great idea, esp because in my freezer sat a locally raised 5lb. organic chicken.

I thawed it out and unfortunately didn't get started until about noon. I should (in hindsight) have started it at 6am and all would have been well. Here's what I did but now I think I can't use the broth? I can at minimum use the meat.

I put cleaned chix, celery, onion, carrot and water to cover chix in a crock pot for 4 hours on low. Then pulled out chix and cooled for 30. then picked off all the meat broke down the carcas, skin,etc. and added a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Saved meat only and the rest went back into the crockpot for a mere 3 hours or until about 8pm.

Well I was SUPPOSED to keep it simmering for 6 - 12 hours but that would have meant keeping crockpot on overnight and the lid was already rattling from steam and bubbles and I just didn't feel comfortable leaving it going all night. I figured it would still be screaming hot for most of the night since it had been running already for 7 hours and thought it would still be quite warm in the morning.

Well it was barely warm. I think something bad bacterially happens if you don't get it put in the fridge to cool and that I'm not supposed to leave out at a certain temp because bacteria can breed? So I strained broth and its now in fridge but I'm afraid to use it and also I realize it never broke down the bones to get to the goodness that I'm supposed to be ingesting for baby...

Any thoughts? Is it safe to use in cooking or should I toss the stock? I'll def start early next go round so that I can simmer for the full 12 hours and then take off stove to cool before putting in fridge for eve.

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I'd feel a little sketchy about that, too.


For next time, here's what I do:


Roast chicken, pick off meat, and eat however you choose.

Put carcass in crockpot, just cover in water, and add a splash of apple cider vinegar (with the mother).

Let sit for about 6 hours.

Add carrots, celery, onion, garlic, whatever.  Skip the salt because as it condenses, it can get too salty.  Add salt after it is finished, too taste.

Turn to low, and let it cook for 12-24 hours.*

Strain the broth, then dump all the stuff back in the crockpot.  Refill with water. 

Don't add more apple cider vinegar, but do turn it back to low.  Let it go another 12-24 hours, repeat.


You can get three or 4 changes of water from the same bones and veggies.  You know it's done when you can crumble a bone in your fingers, or easily cut through it with a pair of scissors.  You can strain the broth right before bed, and store the carcass and veggies in a different container in the refrigerator overnight, if you would rather not leave your crockpot going overnight.  In the morning, just dump them back in, refill with water (no more vinegar), and go again.


Also, you can use the "perpetual broth" method.  Follow the above instructions to the *.  At that point, you can use a ladle to scoop out a mug of broth, salt it if you desire.  Replace the amount of broth you removed with fresh water, and leave the crockpot on low.  Drink the broth (and replace the water) as frequently as you would like over the course of one week.  At the end of the week, dump it out and start over.  Always keep the crockpot on low, day and night.

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WOW thanks Fisher Family!
That is def more likely to get the good nutrients out for cooking times of that long.
Sounds like a way better method. Yeah, unfortunately, I'll throw out this broth. Don't want to take any chances. Argh. I should have juts left it going on low overnight....I get nervous but it probably would have been fine.
Thanks again! I was hoping to have for this week because im 5 weeks and thought what a perfect time to be adding such amazing nutrients during important developmental stages!
Oh well I may not get time to do this until this coming weekend.
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I have some going but I forgot to add the vinegar. Hope it still works!
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It's ok. The purpose of the vinegar is to leach more minerals.from the bones. It'll still work, the acv just makes it.more effective.
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