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23 mo girl, pain in diaper area?

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Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has experienced this with a little girl: For the past week or so DD has been very resistant during diaper changes and won't let me wipe her.  She got a fever last week  a few days after my husband had come down with some sort of bug, so even though I assumed that was all it was, I took her in a couple days ago to have her checked out/rule out UTI.  I also thought she could have had a yeast infection plus the virus.  She saw two peds on Friday and neither of them thought she had either a UTI or yeast infection.  Her fever has been gone for days (though now she has a cold).  No rash or redness.

However, I have been noticing her grabbing her diaper a couple times (not every time) and saying "ow ow boo boo".  I think it's when she's peeing.  If she pees on the potty seat, she doesn't seem to have any discomfort.  She just learned "boo boo" and overuses it.  Not only when she's hurt, but when she's uncomfortable or doesn't want to be touched or something is just plain unpleasant.  So I'm not sure if it's actually pain in the diaper area, or if she is starting to hate the feeling of wetness in the diaper? 

I think I'm going to call another pediatrician anyway (the last visit was a new one and I wasn't impressed) and see if I should get a second opinion.

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I have no advice and I hope you figure things out. Hugs mama!
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I was going to post something similar about my 19mo old girl. She has never liked to have her yoni wiped, but this last week she has been more upset and adamant about it. She also had a high fever this week, but though it lasted the day and night, it was gone by the next morning. I noticed she wasn't peeing much, but now that seems back to normal.


I wish there was a good checklist of things to rule out or be aware of for yoni health. Given how terrible poopy diapers are for that area, I feel like I never know how to assess if something is going on for her. I guess the only feedback I've gotten is that if something was really wrong it would be much more obvious than the signs I seem to pick up on. UTI's case quick and prolonged sickness/fever.


I don't know about your DD but I think we are dealing with teething and general overall discomfort. her appetite is low and she's extra clingy, bit of diarrhea.



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Thanks.  I ended up taking her to another pediatrician and she also found no signs of UTI or yeast.  She DID say it sounded like wet diaper discomfort, and that she's probably ready to potty train.  I thought this might be the case as she doesn't bat an eye when she goes on the potty. 


My daughter has a couple of teeth coming in as well.  Low appetite as well.  Thanks for sharing that.  It sounds like it might just be a rough week or two for her and she's getting more vocal about telling me when something is uncomfortable.  Not a bad thing but sure does make me worry :)

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