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Nursing twins during a pregnancy

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I feel like I'm getting into smaller and smaller groups here...


I am, cautiously, not-telling-anyone-in-real-life, pregnant (I've been this pregnant once before this year).


I'm still nursing my 2 1/2 year old twins.


Has anyone else nursed toddler twins through a pregnancy? Do you have advice for me? (I wonder about nursing 3-year-olds and a newborn, but you know? I think I can wait on that one and see whether I'm still nursing at that point, too many ifs between here and there)

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Congratulations and how wonderful that you are nursing twins! :love


Have you tried getting advice from a lactation consultant who is extended breastfeeding friendly? I think having the support of someone nearby whom you can pick up the phone and call whe you need help or advice would be the best thing. Not to say we don't have parents who've done similarly but I imagine they are in that smaller group you mention you are moving into. :) 

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Adventures of tandum nursing is a good reference.
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Congratulations:) I am now pregnant with my first set of twins, so I don't have advice as far as nursing twins during pregnancy, but I have nursed singletons twice before when I became pregnant. Both times my milk dried up and it became very irritating (both physically and emotionally) when I was about three months along and we weaned. The first time, dd1 was 27 mos, second time, dd2 was 20 mos. I had intentions of tandum nursing, but my body had other ideas:)
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I nursed my singleton during my twin pregnancy, with the full knowledge and support of my perinatologist (our boys had TTTS).  My milk lasted through the first trimester, but not very long or maybe a little before the second it went away/slowed waaaaay down.  (It's been awhile so I don't remember exactly at what point).  It wasn't a super big deal to my toddler, she was 17 months old when they were born, so she had been nursing quite frequently but was eating some table food by the time my supply vanished.  Once my milk came in from the boys she picked back up again (thank god, NO ENGORGEMENT, best thing ever is a nursing toddler).  It wasn't a big deal.  I did have to chase a lot of LCs away though and at that time no one in the local LLL group had much of any kind of resource to offer.  (This was about 11 years ago).  I think there are more resources now, but I winged it and it wasn't a big deal.


I think you just deal with problems as they come up.  The TTTS wasn't a problem, but if I'd had to have had the surgery or if I had any kind of preterm labor issues or whatever probably things would have been different.  So you just roll with it, shrug off whatever ignorant comments you get but keep an open mind for things to watch out for from a provider you trust, I bet it will be just fine.

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I nursed a singleton during a twin pregnancy which is different I know but still 3 little people being nourished. Then I tandem nursed all 3 until the singleton turned 3 when I told her we were done nursing and the twins are still going strong at 19 months. No one around me had done it so I was alone on my journey even though I reached out to local LLL. They were supportive but had no resources. I don't now if my milk ever really went away but it did slow down when I was like 25+ weeks pregnant. Good luck on your pregnancy and I'm sorry for your previous loss. Fingers crossed all goes well for you.

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Thank you, all.

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I'm nervous nursing my toddler (2) now that I know I'm expecting twins. It's good to hear of others who have done it.
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