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Joint pain?

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So, this is new, and worrying, since i'm not even halfway there yet. My hip (on the inside of my leg) is incredibly sore. It goes back and forth from being mildly annoying to feeling like I shouldn't stand on it because the pressure hurts so badly. At first I was thinking it was pubic symphysis pain, but I realized it's actually off to the left. I wonder if this is common, or just me? I had to do a LOT of pushing to get my daughter out (almost 3 hours of active pushing) and I wonder if I messed it up then?
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If you're able to, go see a chiropractor. My doula recommended it and I had some hip problems from running so we've done some work in that area but my chiro also let me know that once my hip is sorta out there are other things we can work on to help the pregnancy. I have coverage so I don't mind going there frequently. If it's something you can do, it could really help you out. 

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I've had hip problems (my left, also) since I was 18. It's so uncomfortable! I have seen so many chiropractors and not had much luck with any long term pain relief, although maybe you will. My step-dad's sister is a physical therapist and she works primarily with pregnant women, and she gave me some really simple stretches to do. They work so much better than anything a chiropractor ever did. If you can find a physical therapist I would highly recommend it, even just one visit where they can give you some ideas.

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Thanks! I might try that. I've been stretching, but it's just such a weird part of my body that it's hard to get to.
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Pelvic girdle pain can be in the hip. Baby center Canada has a good article on pelvic girdle pain. Strengthening the muscles around there can help keep things aligned and minimize pain.

Does it get worse at night? I find that my hips get very sore (I'm a side sleeper), especially the top hip. Keeping a pillow between my knees to keep my legs parallel helps a lot.
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I was thinking about this more, and the reason the stretches help me, I think, are because my muscles are holding my hip in the wrong place. And when I say stretches, they aren't even stretches so much (because I would try and really stretch and it didn't work, hips are tricky in that way) but the first thing she has me do it find the top of my hip on my back and just gently push down with my thumb. After doing that a bit she has me lay on the couch with my bad side off the edge and just gently press up with the side that hurts. Lastly lay flat on the bed, knees up, and slowly raise my hips evenly off the bed a few times. It's so gentle she said it can't hurt anything, and I never thought it would be enough to help, but it really is. I'm just not sure if our hip pain is caused by the same thing :) Mine is in a bad position. My legs are the same length, but the way my hip is, it's like one leg is shorter than the other. Or something. Basically my left hip is held up too high, I guess.


Mine gets a lot more sore at night, too. I find that positioning with pillows can help a bit.

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