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Crafting for Baby

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I always love these threads! So inspiring to see what some mamas can do. I have started on a little crochet short sleeve sweater. I don't think it's appropriately sized for a newborn, although my last baby was over 10lbs so it may be alright. To be honest I'm hoping this baby is a little more petite. I'm using this pattern: http://www.yarnydays.com/2009/01/bombay-love.html

Here's my progress,

The off white will be the edging, and I'm going to get a few cute buttons rather than do the cord closure. I'm going to make another sweater in the off white and use the blue as edging. 


I am also hoping to start on a blanket like this soon http://www.aestheticnest.com/2010/08/sewing-heirloom-cut-chenille-baby.html, but since we are team green this time I'm having a harder time picking fabric. Do you think this is too girly for a unisex blanket?


I made this little mouse with my daughter today. Not crafting for baby, but it was fun. Today was my first day of productivity in weeks! So happy I'm past 12 weeks now. 




Does anyone else watch "Call the Midwife"? I am so inspired by all the lovely handknits the babies in that show wear. I can't knit for the life of me, but I'm hoping to do tons of crochet before this baby is born so he or she can be just as well dressed. A girl can dream, right?

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I'm knitting leg warmers and a blanket for friends' babies right now. We're hoping to find out the sex at the 18 week ultrasound, so I'm likely holding off on stuff for this baby until then.
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I am working on finishing up a knitted blanket for this one.  I started it when I was pregnant with my first and....never finished it. I've only got one ball of yarn left and I'm done.  I might sew some stuff up too if I have time.....

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So far I'm only doing a cross stitch name sampler for each of them--I did one for DD and love it, so I'm changing the design some to do two new ones. So far I'm about 1/3 done with one of them, but I need to do a lot more deciding about what the borders will be. They all have a Chicago theme, so coming up with different things that represent the city for each one is getting to be a challenge. I like it, though, because I don't have to worry about the sizing! I'll probably do the same as Brisen and start on some clothes and such once we know what we're getting. I'll at least do some hats and whatnot for their newborn photo shoot. And at some point I'll need to start thinking about DD's birthday dress. It's not until mid-April, but I don't want to be too exhausted to get it done if I wait.
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I have so many handknits for this one that it's a little embarrassing. I was so sick for my firstborn that I said, "Well, I should get my knitting out of the way before I get pregnant, just in case I'm that sick and useless again." I have sweaters, socks, bonnets, hats, booties, mittens, and tons of longies and shorties. I don't remember if I have a skirty or not, but I should probably bang out a few of those. I embroidered a few onesies and shirts as well, just for fun.


I started a knitbot sweater when I got the positive HPT, finished that, and now I'm working on a tincanknits colorwork sweater (I Heart Rainbows).


This is the Puerpuerim Cardigan and Fresh Bonnet. I believe they're both free and accessible on Ravelry. Really easy knits, I used a 400-500yd DK weight skein (one of a kind by an indie dyer) and had only a tiny bit of yarn remaining. I was super proud of it and it took first in the fair.



Um. I like to knit.

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I don't have the attention span for knitting. I'm so slow at it I usually lose interest long before i finish! lol. Once I actually finished a pair of longies...because it was preemie sized. Umm... then I had a 10lb baby. 


I do love sewing! Last time I made several little one piece outfits and matching booties (kinda robeez style, but all cotton and velour lined) and since I was having a surprise, I made boy ones and girl ones! Its kinda depressing to sew a bunch of stuff and then the lo can only wear half :( I saved some of the girl stuff, and gave some away as gifts. This time, I can't handle waiting for a surprise so I'll start sewing as soon as I get out of the ultrasound! I want to try some zipper footie jammies, probably loads of flannel pants with a matching appliqued onesie. joanns had a massive flannel sale for black friday, so i got boy and girl fabric, and I can whip up a pair of baby flannel pants in like 20 min ;) I always make my babies a simple blanket. typically, just one cute cotton print backed with cuddle fleece. I'll definitely make several cloth dipes too! I'm really itching to make some baby girl stuff.. hoping ;)

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Subbing to see all the loveliness! I'm not too crafty, but I'm going to try and make a mei tai w/ wrap style straps, and a ring-sling. I'm thinking I need some linen carriers since it will be summer. I'd also like to make some cloth wipes, and maybe some diapers.

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I certainly am wishing I knew how to knit, that is too cute Caledvwlch. DW and I were just watching Call the Midwife and commenting on how cute all the little knitted clothes are. 


We do plan to sew some cloth diaper stuff and wipes and I'm painting a mural in the baby's room

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Lilstar--so jealous that you are good enough at zippers to consider making things with them. Mine always turn out horrible!

Caldevich--that is beautiful. I love everything about it!

And for those of you doing cloth wipes--I made some for DD and the easiest way to do it is to buy a pair of pinking shears and just cut them out of flannel. I'd suggest deciding what container you're going to use for them first so you know what size to make. We had a bunch given to us that were a weird size for the wipe box that we use, and they have to be folded funny to fit.
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Well, I have a teeny bit of zipper experience with passable results, at least. I'm banking on the pattern coming with a really good tutorial with pics that will hold my hand enough for me to make it work! One thing I've learned is, every time I push myself a little out of my sewing comfort zone, I'm surprised that it wasn't as hard as I feared. I just say, I'm going to cut the fabric out, because surely I can handle that. Next, I look at step one... Surely that will be easy enough. Continuing on the baby steps and eventually it's done! Good directions can only be expected from wahm designed pdf patterns. Crappy store bought ones have worthless directions and an even worse fit.
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Not baby related, but here is a tutorial for a quick easy little pouch that uses a zipper. Good practice if you're not comfy with zippers. http://www.skiptomylou.org/2009/01/14/how-to-make-a-lined-zipper-pouch-tutorial/ I've made a bunch of these plus a few dresses for dd that zip up the back and are covered with hair. Definitely a little nervous about making something with a much longer, very visible zippers in the front!
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I knit each baby a simple blanket, then whatever else I can get done before birth. Baby #4 got the most.... not sure why. I knit so many hats, leg warmers, diaper covers (That ended up way too small for his big 10lb 4oz sized newborn bottom), blankets, etc. This pregnancy I knit a bunch of fingerless gloves for all the ladies in my family for Christmas, so that took up almost 1/3 of my pregnancy knitting period. :) And now my sister and sister in law are due within a month and a half from me, so I know I will be busy knitting them a blanket as well. I'll be doing well if this baby gets more than its blanket, though there are plenty of knitted hand me downs. :)

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Wow!  It is so nice to see and hear about all the wonderful things you all are making.  I used to be much craftier than I am now...I need to make time to do some sewing.  I am a better sewer than  I am at knitting or crocheting, although I can do both mediocre.  I usually give up on projects that don't have quick results.  That is why sewing and felting tend to be my better efforts.  My group of lady friends always do a group quilt for the blessing-way, so I will probably skip the quilt.  Maybe this time I will try some of those sweater sleeve leggings for fall and winter, but it's hard to know the size until were closer to that point.  What to make?   What to make?  At least you all have inspired me here.  Keep posting!

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turtlemama--I have those problems, too! Not much energy to make time to sew, and no patience for anything that takes more than a day to make. One of the reasons I started cross stitching again is that I needed a project that I KNEW wasn't going to be done in one (or two, or ten) sitting. I've got some sewing plans for DD, but not the babies yet, and will break out my also mediocre knitting for some hats and things, I hope!
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hmmm...maybe a hat, that seems little and simple enough.  Washcloths...made a bunch for dd, but I was on bedrest and had tons of time to fill.  I felted little birds, but if I did that kind of thing, dd would be all over them.  A hat!  I am going to pick up some yarn and get a pattern this week.

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Glad to see that there are a fair amount of knitters/crafters around.


I'm beginning on a momentous project and was wondering if anyone else had any experience with this. I thought it would be great if I could spin and dye the wool for my baby's blanket. I'm quite aware that this will be an endeavor probably taking me until the baby is born (if not beyond?). I was at sheep shearing yesterday and came home with a whole sheep's wool. I've been given the rundown on how to wash and care for the wool. I have someone that will show me the ropes for spinning, although I doubt they'll have too much time to show me, so I plan on becoming close acquaintances with Youtube (which is how I learned to knit). I guess my question is for other knitters out there--has anyone ever knitted with single ply yarn and what has been the result? I think with all the work I've set before me that, I might have to consider using a single ply yarn, which I've never knitted with. Is it durable or should I really aim to make a double ply? Has anyone else tried spinning?


I haven't even picked out a baby blanket pattern because I know I probably won't even get to start the blanket until May at the earliest.

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Farmes--Wow, that is some ambition! I have no idea how to do any of it, but good luck!

I keep adding projects. In addition to an addition that my dad and I have been working on (note: construction is MUCH harder and more tiring while pregnant, and he's not letting me do any of the heavy or potentially dangerous parts that take the most work), I made new pillow shams for our new couch, an Easter dress for DD, and want to make her a birthday dress, party decorations, and a quilt for her new big-girl bed, which will need to be done by April 18th. We'll see how it goes. I also have some other minor home repairs and really need to think about what kind of freezer meals we want on hand for when the babies get here.
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@prettyisa Sounds like you have quite the project list yourself! You must be a pretty good sewer for making a dress that quickly. Shams sound fun-any pics?


@mareseatoats Did you ever find fabric for that quilt? I just took a look at that pattern you posted and it looks beautiful.

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farmes94 -


I spin and knit, and am mostly self-taught for both. I've been knitting for about six and a half years, and spinning for three to four.


I really don't want to rain on your parade here, so I'm sorry if I come across that way. I tend to go with a "knowledge is power!" approach, so these are just things that occurred to me while I was reading your post.


As far as spinning - there is a learning curve. You will have to spin QUITE A BIT before you get consistent singles. YouTube makes it look very easy, and it is - once you get the hang of it and can spin consistently. It's best to get a fair amount of not-so-stellar quality prepared wool so that you can practice your spinning before you get to the point where you have usable yarn. If you practice spinning with good-quality yarn, it's likely that it will be unusable, and you'll have wasted both time and money.


Do you own (or have access to) either a drum carder or hand carders, or other equipment that you can use to turn the wool into spinnable fiber? Do you own (or have consistent access to) a wheel for both practice and productive spinning?


When you get a consistent single (and by "consistent" I mean that your yarn is a workable weight, and not "thick-and-thin"), it's similar to a soft-spun yarn. That being said, you didn't specify what breed of sheep/wool you will be using. There's definite differences in workability and durability between breeds. Some breeds are better plied (which is another learning curve, and is easiest with multiple bobbins and a lazy kate). Some make softer yarns. Some make scratchier yarns. Some have short staples, and some have long staples (fiber length).


All in all, if you are able to do this, it will probably take quite some time. I regularly use commercial soft-spun yarns (I'm a fan of Sheep Shop Wool and Malabrigo) in a worsted to aran weight, and I do find that they pill a bit more than plied yarns. Much of it has to do with quality, of course.


As far as dye, I've played around with natural dyes (turmeric, blueberries, etc - my sister-in-law is actually growing some indigo that I intend to use for dye at some point), and it's pretty fun. Compared to spinning and knitting, it's actually fairly easy. Just make sure you don't felt your yarn while in the dye bath.

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Oh, don't worry about raining on my parade! For some reason I never choose easy challenges. I'm glad there is someone around to answer my questions. I really do know that it will take a while. I don't have any illusions about it being easy. I taught myself to knit as well.


There are two folks in the area that spin. One has the carder (I can't remember what kind she said) and the other has an old wheel that she is lending me. I'm not sure what I would use as "practice" wool. I was given a whole ewe's wool! I just asked what kind of sheep it was and found out that it is a Coopworth. I haven't felt it up too much as I need to wash it yet. Do you have any experience with Coopworth?


I'm going to have one (one!) lesson with the gal that used to spin a lot and then she said I should take the wheel home. She's pretty busy, so I feel lucky to get one lesson. I just spoke with someone else that was recalling her challenge when first starting up and that was her wool kept breaking.


Very cool about growing indigo. Any plans for it?

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