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NUMC Midwives?

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So, I haven't had much luck with pregnancy in the past year, so I'm hesitant to even ask this time around, but it's my nature to plan, so here it goes.  IF this one sticks, I'd like to deliver at NUMC with a midwife.  In network for my insurance are Marilyn Jollon, Barbara Charles and Rochel Lieberman.  I've read some things about Barbara and Rochel (and Gaia in general), but I can't find anything about Marilyn.  Anybody have any experience with her or with any of these midwives that you'd like to share?  Also would be interested to know if you used an out of network midwife, how that ended up cost-wise.  Thanks!

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Hey hmbill! Just bumping your post up for others to see. Hope you get the info you need. :thumb

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Thanks, Cynthia!  :-)

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I used a Gaia midwife for my son's pregnancy in 2012. Of course she only does home birth now, but Julie Toner was wonderful. (However I didn't care for NUMC at the time.) If you call the main number for Gaia they should be able to direct you to someone who takes your insurance and is closer to where you are geographically. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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I didn't personally use Gaia, but have many patients that have. I've heard many positive things about Dale Cook. I'm not familiar with the others. My husband was not comfty with a homebirth and NUMC is far from our house so we used Stonybrook Midwives. They are out of network and simply bill through the OB/GYN who is in network. HTH!!

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