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Tell me about Biloxi Mississippi

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We are thinking of relocating to Biloxi but I have never been there. My husband has and absolutely loved it. How is the crime rate? housing costs to rent? schools? family friendly? no vax dr's? homeschool laws? jobs?

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Thsi might help though it's a few years old: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/bplive/2008/snapshots/PL2806220.html

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I am in the "Pass", I love the Gulf Coast. However, Ms and WV (I think) are the only 2 states that have no exemptions for vax. If your going to put your children in school they have to be vaccinated. I know there is a Peds in Ocean Springs that is delayed vax friendly (I would join Natural Mama Mississippi on FB). 
Homeschool laws are easy-  You write down your address, phone, kids and ages and send that to your local County School Attendance Officer.

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