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If this is your 3+ pregnancy

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Was your experience of morning sickness different for any of them?  This is currently my 6th pregnancy (2 successful pregnancies, 2 miscarriages in a row, another successful pregnancy, and now this one).  With all of my 3 successful pregnancies, I had morning sickness by 4 weeks.  No vomiting, but just felt nauseous and just pregnant.  I'd feel sick, then starving, then sick again, etc.  With the first loss, I felt nothing at all and miscarried at 5 weeks.  With my second loss, I felt some mild morning sickness, but not the same as the others.  My hcg levels were good, but I had a blighted ovum.  So this one I feel nothing again and of course am worried that it means I'm going to miscarry. My levels are good (hcg 4700 at 20dpo) but that's not that reassuring since last time they were good too and then I found out at the ultrasound that there was no baby.  So I'm trying to find something reassuring but everything I look up online about it says that you're more likely to miscarry if you don't have morning sickness. I'm hoping that maybe there is another factor out there that can give me hope - maybe older women have less morning sickness (I'm 36), maybe people feel less morning sickness with the more pregnancies they experience, maybe it kicks in later with subsequent pregnancies.... anything to make me feel better.  Does anyone have any stories about their varying experience with morning sickness and a healthy pregnancy?  

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My morning sickness is less, or non-existent, when I am well-rested and well-fed. Is there any chance you are in a better routine this pregnancy, taking kids to school, or something like that, so you are eating regularly and sleeping consistently?
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Unfortunately, no. My sleep has been pretty bad.  I've been staying up late getting things done and stressing about the pregnancy so I'm looking stuff up online and actually getting less sleep than I need. I made a commitment to get to bed earlier tonight. 

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I'm pregnant with my 4th, at least 10 weeks along, could be farther. For my first, a girl, I basically hibernated the first trimester through. I felt really sick, but never vomited. (Still haven't for any of the kids.) For my 2nd, a boy, it was much better. They were born 13 months apart, and I remember just laying on the couch for a lot of it, but still was able to eat pretty normal. For my 3rd, a girl, the first trimester coincided with major stress and upheaval in our lives, moving to a new town, dh graduating college, etc. I think my body only put me through as much as I could handle, because I don't remember being very sick for her. There are 18 months between my 2nd and 3rd. But this baby, I've been completely thrown for a loop. My 3rd and 4th will be about 20 months apart, and I've been so sick for the last month.
Basically, my story will tell you that I've had 3 healthy babies so far, and that boy/girl they've all been healthy full-term babies, even though my morning sickness and pregnancy symptoms have varied. I hope this is a comfort for you, and that it all goes well!

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I think with my 3rd the morning sickness didn't kick in right away.
The 1st it definitely did right away.
The 2nd I think by 5 or 6 weeks.
Yea the 3rd was probably more like 6 possibly 7 weeks.
Then with the 4th it seemed like right away again.

My theory is that if they're kinda close together your body "remembers" and doesn't freak out as bad so quickly. There were 25 months between #1 & #2, 2.5 years bewteen #2 & #3. So at that pace my body was like "oh, this again. I got this, this time" Then there was 4.5 years between. #3 & #4. And right away that time. My body's like "oh crap! Its been awhile, not too sure. how to handle all these hormones!"
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DD1 I had HG and a host of other problems. She's quite healthy now.
DD2 I threw up once or twice, never felt sick or pregnant. She's the healthiest of the bunch :)

DD3 I was anemic and slept through half of it. She's very healthy too.

This one, I'm nauseated all. the. time. but haven't thrown up yet and it definitely kicked in much later than before. I'm 10wks and praying the Lord lets me keep this one. I've had 4 losses, and only one of them had any symptoms (fatigue, boobs, nausea) and it was my first loss at 11wks (blighted ovum).

Every pregnancy really is different. :Hug Give it time..... you may look back on this thread and call yourself crazy for not enjoying the lack of ms while you had the chance! :wink

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You may look back on this thread and call yourself crazy for not enjoying the lack of ms while you had the chance! :wink


I hope you're right!  I keep telling myself this too as I look at my 3rd child. I spent so much time worrying during her pregnancy and she was fine and is as healthy as can be.  I'd hate to do the same thing.  


Thanks so much everyone for the support. It really helps.  

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My experience with morning sickness was somewhat different with each of them.


My first and fourth were moderate - I had a lot of food aversions and nausea, threw up a few times, and lost a little weight. Threw up more with the fourth than the first - getting up at 4:45 for work seemed to aggravate it.


My second was, to my recollection, pretty light. Mostly relatively minor food aversions, no throwing up at all.


My third was awful - food aversions to everything and constant overwhelming nausea. I lost 10-15lbs. 

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DS1- evening nausea in first trimester, but nothing too remarkable.

DD1- traditional morning sickness til 12 weeks.  breast tenderness and pregnant feeling.  (after a m/c so i was happy)

DD2- occasional vomiting, some mild nausea, mostly extreme fatigue and steady weight gain. no breast tenderness and nursed through pregnancy.

DD3- rare but occasional vomiting, mild nausea and extreme fatigue.  no breast tenderness and another tandem nursing pregnancy. 

DS2- minimal nausea, extreme fatigue and more breast tenderness in 2nd trimester.

this pregnancy- minimal nausea, tired, and mostly weight gain and growing uterus as symptoms.


so, while i've been worried about lack of symptoms, i can look back and see that they're not necessarily a pattern necessary for me to have a healthy successful pregnancy.  other than sheer exhaustion.  which i've been rocking for like 9 years now....


my first m/c was at 5 weeks, so didn't even have time for symptoms.  my 2nd m/c was 7/8 weeks, and i knew before it happened b/c though i hadn't been sick, i felt different.  then it went quiet, and i knew it was a m/c.  3 days later i m/c at home.  


so here's hoping that it's just an easier pregnancy!!!

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Yeah, I nursed through pregnancy with my second - the one with the least morning sickness. I do wonder if it helped.


Breast/nipple tenderness has never been a big symptom for me during pregnancy, but with my first and third it was horrible for the first several weeks after birth. With my second - no tenderness at all, and I suspect that was because of nursing through pregnancy.

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This is my 5th pg, 4th child and my morning sickness was exactly the same for all of them.  MC, Boy, Girl, Girl, Surprise!

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First loss no symptoms.

Baby number one i didnt even know i was pregnant until i was 11 weeks. I may have felt off but since i was under weight i was used to that, i gained 5 lbs, and my breasts got bigger and hot feeling. I did eventually develop mornibg sickness around 14 weeks that lasted for whole pregnancy

Ds2 no nausea until 8-10 weeks and didnt feel pregnant until well into 4th month. Nausea lasted for whole pregnancy.

Two early losses, experienced morning sickness with both

This pregnancy nausea and moodiness starting at 6dpo. This time i felt more belitating nausea but through up less and have been more or less nausea free since about 16 weeks
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DD1 - hyperemesis, needed to be admitted for rehydration, started around 5.th week 

DS1 - hyperemesis, needed to be admitted for rehydration, again 5- 6weeks

DD2 - no morning sickness, feeling off some days the first couple of weeks, but never needed to stay home or stopped me from eating

DS2 - (now) some morning sickness, some vomiting. Off work for two weeks. 

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My first 2 babies I never had a miserable day. Not a moment of morning sickness. I was 23 and 27. I'm 36 now pregnant with #3....I was sicker than a dog for 8 or 9 weeks. I have felt opposite of you wondering if there is something wrong the reason I was having the morning sickness. smile.gif
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1st: DD, not too bad on the sickness but definitely had some and then a few really rough days at the end of the 1st tri for some reason. Had symptoms, BFP 6-7wks

2nd: DS, no nausea at all that I can remember. Had bleeding and bedrest a couple of times early. Symptoms, BFP 6-7 wks

3rd:     , No nausea at all. Had bleeding off and on. Symptoms, BFP 6-7 weeks, loss at 9 weeks.

4th: DD, BAD nausea and really awful heartburn too. Symptoms came on strong from the beginning, BFP 10dp conception!


Lil dd was the worst I've had for symptoms and nausea/sickness. I was also really just wiped out with her. Honestly since I tested so early and the symptoms were so horrible I honestly was terrified of twins in the beginning until I got that u/s. I definitely had different pregnancies although I seemed to have more similarities in my middle two and then my first and last. 

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This is my 6th pregnancy. 3 living babies, and 2 early m/c last year, at 6 and 9 weeks. They were back to back. I had typical pregnancy symptoms with those, too, even after I m/c. This time I am not having as much morning/all day sickness, but tons of heartburn and crazy vivid dreams. 

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I'm expecting my 4th baby right now.  Each time has been different, the first three babies were healthy and this one seems to be as well.

1: all day sickness/nausea, lots of vomiting, for about 3 months
2: worse sickness/nausea, much more vomiting and weightloss, but only for about 4 weeks
3: reflux and heartburn but very little nausea
4: nausea which made it hard to eat or drink but relatively little vomiting, only for months 3 and 4.

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