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I wish someone had pointed me to this board a year ago when I was looking for a place like this. I sometimes feel like a fish out of water at certain boards because of not CIO nor FF.

Thanks Savannah!

I'm Brigitte, 37, and I am a SAHM mom to b/g twins, Joshua and Katerina. They are 2 1/2 years old. I just had another wee one, Isabella, in February.

I am currently trying to get set up as a milk donor because it seems my body has remembered me nursing the twins. In fact, I making enough milk for all three of my kids right now. I was on a trip for 10 days and I had no where to store the extra milk so I gave it to the twins. I didn't have to buy any milk for them. :bf
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Truffles, that's a wonderful thing, donating milk!
I just went to a lactation conference and a a couple of speakers talked about that in relation to adopted and foster babies.
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Am also so sad did not find this board sooner. Obviously can't change things now but I am still in c-section mourning. I know I will/should get over it but need more time. Wonder if through support here would have held my ground longer. Doc was convinced and has convinced my dh that baby A may not have continued to thrive so is glad we went in at 36 weeks. There were no indications of any problems but my doc just thought things can go downhill with twins if they stay too long then when delivered babies saw that Twin A's cord was 1/3 the thickness of Twin B. Really mean anything? Who knows. Also dh has close friend that lost a twin at birth and believes may have survived if delivered sooner. That story was in the back of my mind when making our decision. Return to mantra, "Boys are healthy;Nothing else matters."

So glad someone on another board mentioned this site!

Truffles: What is FF? Formula Feed?
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lovetimestwo, I think I understand a little about how you feel. For a long time after my first dd was born I went over and over how it could have been different. I tried for a home birth and ended in the hospital with an epidural. She was fine and it all turned out ok, but it wasn't the way I would have wanted. It's not as extreme as having a cesarian birth, but my point is, it's natural to morn the loss of the "perfect" birth even when the babies are just fine.
Who knows what would have occured if your babies had stayed in longer. One of my girl's cords was tiny because it was in a knot. She had some problems in the beginning because of it. Having a tiny cord could indeed be good reason to take them out sooner. I don't know.
I also wonder what I could have done to prevent my small girl's hospitalization and yes, maybe I there are things I could have done differently, but it takes time to get over these things. I've talked to elderly women who still go over and over their births and the early days of their babies' lives trying to figure out how things could have gone smoother. I guess it's natural.
You should also, however, be proud of what a good job you did and are continuing to do. You are awesome and your kids are lucky!
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hi Truffles, and welcome.

i wish i'd found this earlier as well... i'd been hanging out at twinstuff.com but felt a little out of place, so i was really happy to stumble upon this.
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Originally Posted by lovetimestwo
Truffles: What is FF? Formula Feed?
Yep...FF stands for formula feeding.
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