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Watch your step...there's a baby crawling!

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This is what it looks like at my house, anyone else moving and shaking?

(Please ignore the purge pile in the background.)
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we r in the same place! fun but lots of head bumps. love seeing all the effort and her little wobbly arms and legs!

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Cute! Ruby barely rolls over so I'm certain we've got some time before that happens here.
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look at him go!  good job, baby!  I think often of your story about your older boy, and how he would wake up at night to practice crawling in the bed.  it's such a sweet and funny picture in my mind. 


as for Oliver, he's doing baby pushups and superman-ing, he can pivot around in a little circle on his belly and get up on his hands and knees for a second, and sometimes he just pushes himself backwards on the hardwood floor (not on purpose, I don't think).  he's surprisingly mobile for someone who hasn't figured out crawling yet!

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we're working on crawling, but TONS OF mobility. He rolls to get where he wants and does the back crawl (pushes his feet along the floor) and the face crawl  (gets up on his knees but not his hands and pushes his face along)

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Noor is content to lay on her back and play with her hands and toes and kick her legs around like mad. I'm going to appreciate my freedom while I have it because I'm pretty sure this won't last forever.
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Wow. Iris has no interest in staying on her tummy. So...no movement here. I wonder if daycare will change that, given that everyone else moves a bit (even the 4 month old rolls both ways).
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Wow! Julia hasn't rolled over yet, but she does lots of creative things, like this head/butt scoot thing I cannot describe, pivoting pretty well on her belly, and lots of reaching and stuf on her side.

Do your babies try to use their feet to grab things? Little monkeys!
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Iris pulled a scissors (leg) hold on the boy who was trying to crawl over her and steal her toy today. Pretty funny.
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aw, I bet it's so cute to see babies interacting with each other!  my friend has a four-month-old who will lay happily on the floor, so we tried to take a photo of him and Oliver next to each other.  Oliver tried to roll over on top of him, then grabbed his arm and dug his fingernails into it, and shouted in his face a couple of times.  he was a good sport, though, and didn't even complain about it! 


I noticed that he does a lot more squiggling around when he's naked, so I've been trying to give him time each day to do that.  he's hilarious, arching his back and putting that big butt up in the air, then pushing back onto his knees.  he's doing more planks, and today he even did a little downward-facing dog too!  he can turn himself around on his stomach pretty quickly now, and he's pulling himself with his hands.  I think he'll figure out soon that he can pull with his forearms, and then he'll be able to get the things that I place temptingly out of his reach!  oh, and for the first time today, he rolled back to front to back to front again!  he was so pleased with himself.

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Oh. It's on now.
Merry merry king of the floor is he.
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well we started on the activity mat....


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That mat is clearly just way too small.
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