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Can a mimimalistic wannabe join this group?

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I'm no minimalist by any measure. I did the compact a couple of yrs ago, then a no buy for last year... none of those attempts have been a complete success, but something did change within me and I've been extremely mindful when buying "stuff" no matter what they are. We didn't exchange Christmas gifts last year and didn't go overboard for our daughter either. We realize we have enough of what we need and consciously think and plan our buys only if we think they add to the quality of our life. We don't do cable but have Netflix for occasional movies. Last year I also de-cluttered some people from my life, who were adding unwanted drama and creating mental clutter. I've also got more involved in free-cycling 'out' stuff that we no longer need but I do see much more stuff to pass on.


Like I said, I'm no minimalist by any measure, but a wannabe minimalist. Can I join this group and chug along with the rest of you and learn from you?

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Sure you can! The group has been very quite since before the holidays.But maybe your energy can help get things going again.  Please feel free to post a new thread of interest that would help you get started on becoming more minimalist. :)

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I'm also a newbie in this group and on MDC. I've tried to resurrect an old thread last year but i guess the subject didn't get much atention as it probably had already been adressed enough. I am a light minimalist with a colorful home that has art on the walls and some cool stuff that has no use other than being beautiful and making me happy - i love, love, love art and have a passion for color and texture. Guess i am a strange minimalist and some have said i'm not a minimalist at all, although i consider myself to be one. People will often say i am contradictory and this is probably true. DP is a simple soul, but not a minimalist per se wich keeps our home from beeing a lot more clear. eyesroll.gif

Shakti77, i understand where you are coming from. Two and a half years ago i started decluttering non stop and eventualy i came to know minimalism and love it. It has been such a journey! I too Freecycle stuff but now its gotten rare because i have almost no clutter. I'm participating in the 2014 in 2014 thread in order to cut down even more, but it's possible i won't be able reach the number 2014 without donating DP and our dogs... lol... i feel so prosper and light! joy.gif
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Thanks for the replies. I just found my way back to this thread.

Marina, Walls of art sounds fabulous!! Surrounding yourself with art and what gives you joy is certainly not clutter in my books. 2014 in 2014 sounds fun. If all goes well, we'll be welcoming a new baby in May. So I'll be decluttering lot of stuff but 2014 is daunting. Maybe next year!

Cynthia, I'll start a new thread to work on my minimalistic attempts and questions.
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Hey guys,

I'm hoping some of you are still around to connect with. I, too, would call myself somewhat of an "aspiring" minimalist. My love and I are making a big move soon so we will be MINIMIZING our material possessions.. perhaps even downsizing to an RV because the freedom sounds enticing... but I agree with you and Marina that despite having a minimal amount of materials, I still love having art around. I love creating art, giving it away, trading it, and hanging it on my walls to inspire me and keep me in a positive mood. I think that is healthy! Keeping everything stark like a laboratory seems excessive. We are still human, right? But I definitely want to cut out all the unnecessary STUFF, so that I can be cost-effective and more easily self-sufficient.


It's great to meet you all! I'm Kate, hope to see y'all around...

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Hi all!  I hope spending some time with this group will keep my mojo going!  DH and I have been attempting to chip our way towards a more minimalist lifestyle for years, starting with regular donations of unused items.  We recently downsized from a three level townhome to a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment in order to live close to DH's work (he had been commuting an hour and a half each way for 5 years, but when DD was born 3 months ago, and after spending 6 weeks on parental leave with us, he realized he wanted to see a LOT more of her.  And so we used this opportunity also to get rid of stuff that just won't fit into our new space.  We are slowly starting to see from under the boxes, but it is still a work in progress.


My biggest challenge on this road is that I am very sentimental.  I remember items that remind me of a special experience or the person who gave it to me, and I find it extremely hard to let go.  I'm trying to remind myself that the item is not the person, and that if I have just one special item from each person, I don't need a box of stuff!


Right now, our goal is to minimize our need for storage.  I refused to take out a storage unit (some suggested this) when moving.  I said if it didn't fit in our new place, then it was going to go.  We have a small storage area on our balcony, and I want to make sure it only has items we do use but not regularly, like holiday decorations (which have been the subject of their own downsizing - we got rid of both our Christmas trees this year) or tools.


My biggest motivation is that with less stuff, I can enjoy a lot more the stuff I have more access to.  I've gone on several spiritual retreats, some for the weekend, some for the week, and I'm always amazed at how simple and enjoyable life is during those days, when I have very few items available to me that are mine.


DH has gotten on board via Franciscan spirituality.  We belonged to an amazing Catholic church run by Franciscan friars at our old home, and this has motivated DH to join me in purging more, though he's not the horder, I am! lol


Anyway, looking forward to reading through how you all have gotten to where you are in your minimalist lifestyle.

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Hi ladies! I haven't been on MDC in a long time until recently, happy to see this group. Would love to have more discussions, I never get enough on this topic. Have you seen the http://www.minimalist.org/ forums? They are just getting going but a good place to find local people (in US). I just blogged about our new home if you want to check it out- http://sett.com/exactly

Looking forward to connecting!

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