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Help not sure what is going on with my 6yr old boy

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My son is 6 and is having a very hard time in school and at daycare. I am a single mother of two precious boys but my 6 yr old has had a hard life. My ex husband gave him meth from 9months old to the age of 3 every other weekend. Without going into the whole story, Once I figured out what was happening I put a stop to it. But my problem is I don't know what it has done to my son. What the effects are, etc. He can be having a good day at school and at the blink of an eye his can go into a rage and destroy the whole room, or he barricades himself away from everyone screaming bloody murder until like a switch is flipped he stops, and is sorry and remorseful but doesn't seem to understand why he got so upset. He understands that destroying the room and such actions are wrong but not sure why he gets to that point. All I have been told in seeing the doctors since finding out what my ex did, is that my son has anxiety other than that I have no clue. My gut tells me something else is wrong, but to get answers as to what is like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. I can't seem to find anyone to help me. No blood work has ever been done, no MRI nothing.... What should I do..... Any advice/ help is welcome. I just want my son to be happy and have as normal life, childhood etc as possible. Thanks from a very concerned mom...
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Have you requested an eval from the school? You can request one in writing, in a real letter with a date and a signature, and they have to evaluate.


Have you been able to figure out what any of his triggers are for melting down?


One idea is to have a way for him to release strong feelings in a controlled way, such as a punching bag.

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Thanks for responding! Yes the school is scheduled to evualate him, but hasn't happened yep. He has been suspend twice now from school because of his episodes, so the testing has been postponed both times. Change in routine has been the biggest trigger, but other than that we haven't not been able to pin point what triggers him. Yes we even have set up ways to release his angry. I am just concerned I don't really know what is going on with him what effects the drugs have had on him. Brain damage, etc.
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What do the doctors say about meth and its effects . . . and then the withdrawal?  There has to be info out there.  Is there a clinic nearby or docs to specialize in substance recovery?  You may need to see docs who has experience in this area.  It is an unfortunate truth that your son is not the only baby who has been given meth.  Hopefully you will hear from people with experience.

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I have taken him to a pediatrician but not seeming to get anywhere. Never really thought about a dr who death with recovery. That might be an option. I just need to get some answers somewhere for my babies sake. Thanks
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I agree with OrmEmbar's suggestion, I'd also consider contacting hospitals with NICUs as they likely have experience specifically with infants who've been effected by meth. I'd also look into research centers and universities that are doing studies on meth. Even if no one there can help you, they should be able to point you in the right direction.


I think universities would be a good place to go. If you're willing to let someone do a case study or something on your child, you could likely find a professor or student who would want to do the research to figure out what's going on with your son at no cost to you because they'll be getting something out of it. The case study should be completely anonymous and may help someone in the future who goes through the same thing. There are people in my school who are interested in how drug use during pregnancy effects infants, I'm sure that you can find students or professors who would want to study that. I can understand if you're uncomfortable with this idea, though, it can be very invasive to have such personal information made public, even if your names are left off.




This will likely be an incredibly difficult and heartwrenching journey for you and your family. It's horrific that your ex did that to your son. I hope that you're able to find the help your son and your family needs.

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It sounds like you need someone more specialized than a pediatrician. I would take him to see a child psychiatrist and/or a pediatric neurologist and/or a child development clinic of some kind and seek a developmental evaluation. 


Also, if he doesn't have an IEP right now I would strongly encourage you to get one put into place immediately. Don't wait to see a specialist--you should be able to get one based on his behavior.  And you can request that it be adjusted at any time based on a new diagnosis, even if that means 2 days later you are requesting changes.  You have that right.  Being recognized with an disability in an IEP changes how the school must treat him for any behavior that is potentially related to the IEP, including suspensions. For example, it may limit how long he can legally be suspended without the school providing certain services to him.  


If your state has an educational ombundsman's office for students with disabilities, I would also call them and speak to them about your particular situation. The fact that they have delayed the evaluation strikes me as counterproductive, and I would question whether it is legal to do so based on a suspension. Typically, the law requires that an evaluation be performed within a certain time after they receive your written request (so make a written request right now if you haven't already); usually 30 calendar or 30 school days, and I don't recall there being a provision that they could extend that timeline due to a suspension.

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Aufilia has made a really important point about the issues involved in discipline and the complicating presence of disabilities.
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