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our little personalities.

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hey mamas!


this is a fun thread! 

as our babies get older, they develop such interesting personality traits. 

let's talk about first fears, words, preferences for colors or clothes-whatever makes your little ones "ones".



i'll start-

yesterday i pulled a lamp out of the garage, an industrial-type adjustable desk lamp and brought it to the bedroom. naomi is not a fan. she is afraid of it, and will not go near it- this is her first fear! 


she does not love lamp. 

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 I love this thread idea


Mila loves to watch construction of any kind, whether it's the guys building things downtown or just watching people pave the road. She'll stop whatever she's doing and falls into this trace of absolute fascination.


She's a little hesitant of the Shark mop but she's pretty fearless of inanimate objects so far. I call her my vacuum wrangler because whenever I vacuum she chases it around smacking it and frowning while speaking sternly, making sure it knows who's boss.


She has this blanket that she associates with sleeping now and she makes this "mmmm" noise, puts it over her hands and up by her ears with a big grin whenever she sees it. She has started hugging me back now, which is amazing, and she waves and shrieks at strangers until they pay attention to her then squishes her face into me and looks at them on the side like she's suddenly shy. She plays peek-a-boo at every chance and with anything and anyone, claps all the time and loves to toss the ball back and forth.


She says "this", "night night", "kitty" and "daddy", signs for "more" and "milk" and understand signs for "play", "read", and "eat". We've been super lazy about signing consistently outside of milk and more, so I think it's probably our fault that she hasn't picked up more yet.


Love this baby and can't wait to hear about the lovely little preferences from all the others :)

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Love this thread. Kellybeth, that's so funny about Naomi's first fear! Teles- construction? Too cute. Maybe a future engineer?

Margot quite suddenly and distinctively began a love affair with the stuffed Winnie the Pooh her grandma bought her. I'm fact, one of her first real words is "Pooh-uh"! She nuzzles and kisses him and asks for him when she wakes up. She really loves dogs and can "woof". She loves this fabric dolly she found in her toy bin. Balls were her first love, though- she had been able to say ball for over a month and taught herself how to kick.

She has a hilarious hatred of spaghetti squash. Really exaggerated gagging. Haha! She can now pointedly look at us and shriek when she's feeling indignant, usually when I ask her to help put her coat on.

She hugs and kisses and nuzzles us. Sometimes exaggeratedly prefers me to dada and will bat his hands away and yell at him if she's feelin like she wants mama. There's so much more to her, too. I love her more and more as time goes on. Crazy girl.

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Ah, I love this thread too.

Arek is a huge gentle giant. I can't really omit his size and length from any description of him. My 12 lb newborn is now a 27 lb tall perfect babe.
He calls me 'nana.' Super typical boy in many ways, loves trucks, wheels, mechanical things. But mom is still his favorite everything.
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Miss L is very funny-- everything is a huge joke. 


She's extremely expressive and communicative, non-verbally (gestures, signs, screeches, etc.) and verbally (I mean-- she only has 4 "for sure" words, but she is rapidly working on about a dozen more-- just remains to be seen if she'll continue to use them every day).  She is very clear on likes and dislikes, and has been sorta on a "potty strike," so best believe she tells you when she doesn't want to potty!  (Seems to be coming out of this a bit, though.)  Definitely throws baby tantrums if you don't give her enough transition time or just pick her up without warning her (but we pretty much always have done that, so I don't know if it's chicken or egg).


Ummm....  Loves books!  And cats and dogs-- sadly, we had to put our kitty down recently, and we can't/shouldn't get any more, as DH (world's biggest pet lover) is asthmatic and pretty allergic.


Likes pretty much any food, so far, though broccoli remains a fave.


She is running now, so she is go-go-go, but I figure that's pretty much par for the course for a "pre-toddler" or whatever she is, LOL.  "High-energy."


BIG into dancing and music.  Bobs her head and shakes her booty. 


Loves loves loves the outdoors and being on Mama's back or Daddy's side.  But does ask to be put down a lot now, too.


I think her only dislike is when we take away something dangerous or disgusting away from her, LOL...  Well, that and the car, but that's gotten worlds' better.


She puts everything in her mouth, which I thought was typical, but my BFF said her oldest really wasn't like that.  Mine?  EVERYTHING. IN. THE. MOUTH.  Mouth first, ask later.


Probably her most distinctive personality trait is how incredibly extroverted she is.  I'm pretty extroverted, but also need some alone time (maybe b/c I was raised by introverts and was an only child the first 10 years of my life).  DH is fairly extroverted, too, but...  This kid!  If she's overtired, cranky, out of sorts, clingy?  The thing to do is to take her to a party full of strangers!  (No lie-- it's happened more than once that we have said, "Ugh, baby is freaking out and we have to make an appearance at X event.  Let's get in and out as quickly as possible." And then she's loving it for hours.) 


Now-- don't get me wrong-- she won't just "go to anyone" right away or anything...  But if she's in a crummy mood, she becomes soooo much calmer and happier when she's around a bunch of people.  And she loves the camera, even though we only take her photo a couple times a week.


I'm sure I could think of more....  :wink

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oh i love these! glad everyone is enjoying this! 


teles, naomi also chases me around squealing when i'm using the dustbuster or vacuuming.

though now she has decided she doesn't like loud noises, so i wear her in the ergo and put a thick hat on her head to cover her ears a little.

running the ninja to make nut butters is out of the question now. that thing is SO LOUD.


her words:



this? (she wants to know what everything is)

pttyyy (pretty)

wwwite (light)


duh-doo (doggie)

whahterr (water)

and mama, which she reserves for when she's pissed off or tired and wants me.


ahh, i love her so much. for moms that have more than one kid, how are you not just a big oozing love puddle? 


*edited to add "bahbah" for bye bye, and she waves.  :)

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Yay 10 months old this week!


I'm starting to see a real ham appearing with this boy. When we go out he spends a lot of time peering around at people and choosing his target. Then he raises one eyebrow James Dean style and flashes a seductive grin until I hear someone behind us say "Oh my god, look at that baby." I'm in so much trouble!

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I love this thread so hard. Your babies are hysterical! And you girls are awesome with your depictions! I wish I could do justice to my daughter's personality with my words, but I'm afraid my brain is perpetually mush. Kelly, I'm in awe of Naomi's vocabulary! Geez!

Olive seems to lock on one word per week-ish. Sometimes it's kitty, or ball ("ba") or mama or papa ("dada"). She's collecting more phrases in ASL and I'm frantically researching more to keep fueling her. She says a whole lot with her expressions and her eyes. I'm mesmerized by her apparent wisdom - she'll evaluate me very quietly and kindly, then come over and gently cup my cheek with her hand. She makes friends wherever we go - thank goodness, because there are many people (loved ones, acquaintances and strangers) in her life. For example: I took her to Barnes and Noble today, and she charmed the socks off of this sweet grandpa and managed to walk off with his (empty) coffee cup.

She understands "up," "down," "around," "goodnight" - and has corresponding dances for each - and left and right arms and legs. She helps me dress her, and giggles when I pull her clothes off at the end of the night.

She's increasingly gentle with the kitty, giving long, soft strokes down her back. Kitty is still skeptical - probably because Olive communicates to her with series of loud chirps and hisses.

Loves food - and is obsessed with blueberries. Currently the sign for "more" MEANS blueberries. Speaking of the Ninja, we get excited for its use by singing, "Smoothie dance! Smoothie dance!" and we boogie. Now she starts bouncing when I pull it out of the cabinet.

She's been sleeping on TOP of me again, which makes me totally wistful for her newborn days. Gosh, how has it been almost a year?!

Oh, she loves Tupperware (like any kid, right?) but she needs to match things up. I let her into the box of takeout containers the other day - just a random assortment of containers and some lids, just loose and messy - and she pulled out a bottom she'd never seen before, then, a minute later, found the lid, then screamed and hollered until I came over to help her push them together. Eesh!

Her great-aunt crocheted her a tiny bag made out of plastic bag "plarn" (which matches mine) and she loves putting things inside it and then wearing the bag and strutting around, chattering with some major purpose. (Do I do that? Umm...) She runs over if I have her bag, and bends forward so that I can put the strap behind her neck.

She's just awesome. Every day is something new and bafflingly inspiring to me. I'm so lucky to be her mama. <3 (edited to replace comma with originally-intended heart)
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Olive has started to have some fears. This breaks my heart and makes me giggle just a tiny bit, because her reactions are so cute!


She loves to play with the knob on the dishwasher, often turning it on. Now that she knows this, she'll teeter closer and closer to the knob, turn it a tiny bit - not even enough to turn it on - and run away, squealing. She'll do this over and over until the it finally turns on, at which point she shrieks and climbs on me.


We live on a major road near a hospital, so sirens are a normal occurrence. Whenever she hears one, if she can't see it, she leaps straight into my lap.


Not fear-related, but she's started doing this hysterical dance with her feet - running in place really fast when she's excited about something. So funny.

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From my daycare provider... made me smile and described her really well, I think:


"One can tell that Rissa is a happy, loved baby.  She is super smart and has, I am sure, a personality that will shout out to the world "I am woman hear me roar" ... in other words she will know what she wants in life and how to get it.  Which is awesome. She will likely be a bossy toddler too...lol"


(She is totally different from me personality wise - she must get it from her daddy's side!  )

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I got my first "NO" from A today. I will have to stop saying things like "do you want to come with mommy and get your shoes on?" When it's really not optional.
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-naomi says "hakhak!" at the geese flying by or in the park.

-pats the floor or bed for kitty to come. 

-says ball, bounce(boutce), bike (bieyt), boo! and box (bots)

-waves and says bye-bye and hi! perfectly annunciated. so cute!

-uses her potty and says "pie-y" when she wants to go.

-gives the sweetest kisses and pats me on the back and gives hugs.


she is just such an observant, kind and good-natured girl. 

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