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2 Year Old Naptime Woes

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Hi all.  This is my first time posting here.  My just turned 2 year old daughter is going through this phase where she is really resisting her naps.  She obviously still needs them, but I'll put her down for a nap and then 10 minutes later hear her yelling, and I go in to find her with her pants and diaper off, happily jumping in bed.  Sometimes she'll tell me she peed in her diaper, but usually it's dry even if she says she peed.  I'll put her diaper and clothes back on, but by this time she's AWAKE, and refuses to go back down.  Going insane.... help!  =)

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I know mama. Having that nap time is so crucial. Are you winding her down first?
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Ah yes.  We're at 26mos and her naps went from noon-ish going down and sleeping 2 hours, to maybe she'll finally go down for a nap at 3. And then it's of course a late night, or there's the dreaded "shit, it's 5pm and she hasn't napped yet" at which point she really wants to nurse and crash and I'm doing everything to delay as long as possible so once she goes down it's for the night and not a 2am wake up.  Fun times! Part of our issue is FIL babysits for the 4hours I'm at work and they don't get out, she's glued to the tv half the morning and doesn't get tired, she's just a zombie and I've been seriously contemplating locking him out of the tv to end the vicious cycle (because simply asking would never work).  She'll be starting pre-k full time in September and I have a feeling she may drop her long naps by then and if not they do have a mandatory rest period after lunch and I'm sure she'd crash in the car on the way home after a long day.  So, naps at this age are kinda hairy in general.  DD was stripping down a few mos ago and staying dry for her naps so we had started potty training and now she's basically day trained, ocassional night accidents, but it did make things a bit better sleep wise for a while because she could take charge of her needs.  Of course we had to switch her to her big girl bed at that point (2nd birthday was the day it all began) so staying in bed was a bit of an issue but it's getting better. Good luck!

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Sounds like maybe she hasn't had enough time to get into "nap mode" and has energy to burn. Maybe try a naptime ritual of playing soft music or doing a calm activity together like reading?

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Yes, when I first put her down I do her naptime routine.  Then if she is up again and it requires more than a quick soothing (which is most of the time - either diaper change or putting her clothes back on), then I'll go through an abbreviated version.  It works maybe 1 out of 10 times.  I think this might just be the way she works, as frustrating as it can be.  Ever since she was really little, if I laid her down to nap and she pooped, it was over no matter what I tried!  So even though she's not pooping, it might be that same energy spurt and then she just isn't going to nap. 


She's napping today!  You never know what kind of a day it will be!  =)

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@sassyfirechick, thanks!  We've been doing some slow potty training with her.  She has a toddler potty she likes to pee in sometimes.  It's still just a "fun" thing, not something we're seriously working on yet.  She's my first, and I have an almost 8-month old too, so I'm hesitant to start!  =)  Maybe it's time to do that soon...  It's a challenging age napwise, for sure.  I think maybe there isn't a "solution" beyond trying to get her good and tired in the morning, just something for me to accept.  That's the hard part! 

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