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Ah, she looks so happy!
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I love this thread (been lurking here for a while enjoying the photos).. 

I think I took this sometime last week (7 weeks old). He's one big baby (we're close to 14 lbs) and my back is feeling it big time...

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I haven't looked at this thread in a while- oh y gosh did we have some gorgeous babies or what?! 

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1 month old today!!!

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Oh my boys love these vibrating chairs although they love the swings they got yesterday better but they look cute in these.
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So cute, Lilac! Look at those blue eyes! DS only tolerates his chair, but he prefers the downstairs one which reclines further. But he'll let me take a shower or bathe the girls while he watches, lol!
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I haven't been visiting Mothering for some time, but today I did and I saw this thread... OMG the babies are so cute!! It is amazing to see how much some changed since birth... mine surely did!

This is my boy, Axel, at 7 weeks old (he is 8 weeks now). I never was the mothering type, so I can't believe how much in love I am with my baby!



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Here is Victor at 12 weeks in a little tweed vest I knit for him:


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Robin is just 4 weeks old today- 13 pounds 4 ounces and has grown 1 1/2 inches too!





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Love these pics! Been wanting to put new ones of cam up. I've gotten some of him smiling. He's full of smiles. Maybe tomorrow I will. You all have such beautiful babies!
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Missbrea, I wonder if we knitted the same sweater vest?!  The pebble vest?  Here's Robin in his, sort of scrunched up but it has buttons up the left side and the left shoulder, just can't see them.



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Could very well be, that's what it was called! Here's the pattern for anyone else who's interested:



It's awesome, doesn't upset my baby at all to have it put on, and he's convinced I invented the concept of clothing purely to torment him.

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yes, that's it!!  i added some stitches and length to the pattern, and glad i did.  i made a bigger one for my 3 yr old too.

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Couldn't resist popping in to brag a bit more ;)  Linnea at 7 weeks.



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Awesome smile! She's gorgeous! My boy is smiling a lot too now but won't with a camera in his face! :-)
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She smiles whenever I pretend to sneeze.  lol.

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Aww, the babies are so cute!

My little bit is 10 weeks now. Here she is after a shower with daddy. (And seriously, taking her in the shower is so much easier than baths right now.)[/IMG]

She loves the fish on the swing mobile and will sit and "talk" to them. It's so cute!
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