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What does endulge in?

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My little ones thank The Lord still have one Naptime at the same time. I still hold the baby while he naps.... I use this nap to endulge. It's usually something that I just want quiete time to enjoy it is usual either a beer, a thermos of coffee or if I splurged at the store a can of soda. That's how I endulge what do you do?

Ps auto correct appearently distroyed my title. Awesome.
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I get nice conditioner for my hair. Lip gloss but lately no becuase Stephanie eats them when she finds them. Once in a while I buy a house plant. Last summer I had hanging baskets with strawberry plants outside and going out to water them every day or so was a really nice break. I got a sudoku book a while ago, and then there's my regular reading but most of those books are from the library. Candles for the wall sconces DH got me.

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Did you mean to say "What do you indulge in?"?


My husband and I eat ice cream almost every night after our children go to bed. I have a book or two higher up in our bathroom that I read after they go to bed, too. When my children are sleeping over at their grandparents' and my husband is asleep I listen to Josh Groban while I clean or exercise. I try to ride my exercise bike for at least half an hour almost every day. I burn a candle when my children are gone, or during dinner when we're all here during special times like Advent or Christmas. Nap time is disappearing as all my children are pretty much potty trained; that means less quiet time but it also means less tension because I don't have to keep shushing people while someone sleeps (or tries not to). When the weather is nice enough and we have time I take my children for a walk around the block (it's a long windy block so it takes at least 15 minutes), or if my husband is awake and out here with them I sometimes sneak out by myself. Finally, I bought myself a Bolthouse Farms "Green Goodness" bottle of juice for my birthday last weekend.

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Originally Posted by Catholic Mama View Post

Finally, I bought myself a Bolthouse Farms "Green Goodness" bottle of juice for my birthday last weekend.

I am going to have to check that juice out! I am definitely a foodie! Ice cream every night sounds like heaven!
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I find them in the refrigerated juice part of the produce section of the grocery store.

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