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Chuord I hope today is a better day....(or night). I know that blue-blah feeling. xx

Lindscott- Progesterone is so hard to be on. It literally made me feel like I was hungover from a night of drinking every single day. I had "the spins" where I would get dizzy, vomit, and had the worst headache and overall malaise. I feel for you. Hope you get some resolution soon. Good for you that you lost that much weight!! That's quite an accomplishment.

I am 5 dpo and have a very full heavy feeling in my lower pelvic area. DS and I have a cold. Other than that nothing exciting. We are leaving Friday for another cheer competition but hubby is going along with this time. Normally we travel and room with another mother/daughter. It will be nice to have him with us on Valentines Day. ❤️

Hope everyone is doing well!! We have crazy weather in the US....freezing temps and snow in places that don't normally get snow.

Oxford hope you are staying dry and doing well. Take care!!
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Thanks lindscott and Wengrin - it's 630 am so just woke up... I'm hoping it's a better day too!
Lindscott - now I get it re dh, lol was having a 'slow' day wink1.gif hopefully things get resolved easily... So do you teach at a special school or a class in a normal school? My mum (primary teacher) ended up teaching special ed for two or three years (there was no one trained, so she trained while doing) she had some low iqs, done behaviour and a bad tempered little blind boy (she got to learn Braille too lol) who would pick up and throw his Braille machine 3-4 metres when his will was crossed - it was heavy and lucky no one got hit. I used to go in and help on my days of no school. They were hard work but entertaining smile.gif you have all my sympathy doing that while hormonally challenged!
Wengrin - your description of progesterone affects sounds like an excerpt out of a horror movie! Your weekend ahead sounds as romantic as it can be while at a cheer weekend smile.gif heavy ish feeling sounds promising - here's hoping!
I think part of what got me down was mentally getting ready for an ivf cycle... My last hcg today, probably AF by Monday or Tuesday and then into the strong stuff - I just have to keep telling myself it's my choice and it's worth it...
Mamablue, primal, faith, lovely, Chrissy, what's exciting with you ladies?
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Hello girls!

All sounds exciting on your cycles. I have been reading along.

Things are manic here with the weather. We have had a series of storms with heavy rain and 100mph winds. There are trees down, roads blocked, thousands if people with homes flooded and the army rescuing people by boat! I have been working from home for two weeks as the train lines are flooded and I can't get to the office. It's all a bit crazy!

In TTC news, in 13dpo today and don't feel pregnant at all!

Will do personals later. Have a good day and stay safe xx
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Af finally showed her face after being on cycle day 100 crazy!! She has came with a vengeance lol
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Oxford - Oh wow! That's gnarly! Are your loved ones safe? Is your home in the path of floodwaters? Thinking of you as you get close to a BFP or CD1.

Scjp - That was a long wait for AF. Something is going on. If your doctor is not taking your desire to conceive seriously, you need to switch doctors. At this point, you need a doctor that will do some investigating - blood work and an ultrasound should be in your near future. Waiting that long between periods significantly lowers your odd of conception.
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Oxford - I've been watching it in the news and worrying about you smile.gif glad to hear you are ok - I'm assuming you are dry? Keeping my fingers crossed, last month I didn't feel pregnant either... Whatever happens the more you are on your meds the closer your baby is smile.gif
Dh rang a friend to see how they were, and found out they are expecting a second in July... For the first time he was a little annoyed or upset that someone is there before us... Lol I was like really? I've been there for 5 years! Not bitter just as you ladies know - it hurts!
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Oxford hope you stay safe and hope this weather eases up soon!!

SCJP that is a vicious long cycle. I bet this AF is in full force. I hope it eases soon and your doctor can figure out what is going on.

Chuord, I understand that feeling of sadness when someone tells you they're expecting. It's not bitterness, just sort of a sadness for the longing of your own pregnancy. It's cute that hubby feels it now....at least he is able to relate and empathize! My hubby is more practical and doesn't get worried or sad about those types of things. He is a bit tough to get him to let his guard down.

He did give me a very sweet bracelet charm of two swans facing each other making a heart shape, last night for a Valentines gift. (The only moment we had alone...lol). I have a bracelet that I add charms to for special occasions. It was very sweet and thoughtful.

Well Happy Valentines Day All!! Hope each of you has a wonderful day and may you be treated like the Queens that you all are. 👑
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Oh and on the TTC front, I'm afraid the heaviness was bloating and needing to use the bathroom (sorry TMI). It is gone now. I don't have any symptoms. I keep checking my bbs for soreness and nothing. All of my healthy pregnancies there has been massive soreness and swelling. So I am not optimistic about this month.

I am considering calling the doctor and seeing about trying some meds to help get a healthy O like a Clomid challenge. He recommended it before I got pregnant but the next week I got a BFP, but of course lost that at 9 weeks.

Anyway.....I feel the clock ticking. But I need to keep my thoughts positive and be grateful for the precious gifts I've been given, and not be greedy.

Take care everyone.
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It's a very viscous cycle greensad.gif
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Wengrin - that's exactly it, a sadness smile.gif
Thats so cute - the swan charm, I used to have one but it got stolen years ago when someone broke into our house (old house)
Wengrin I think that if this month is a no go going for a med is a great idea - you're older like me from memory... So all it does is give is multiple eggs so there's more chance one is viable (sorry I'm sure you knew that - lol I'm just enthusiastic for you to be getting closer!)
Day 12 here, was tempted to test out the hcg shots but am thinking I'll just stay relaxed (try) and go with the it will be what it will be approach... I'm so tired this morning, between the weird dreams and lack of sleep am feeling blah.
Hope you all had a fun day
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I started yesterday morning as of right now it's light greensad.gif what in the world is going on lol
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Scjp - when is your appointment with doc? When you see them you'll find out - yours seems a bit different to the issues we've had so it's hard to guess... Hope it's soon... If you are seeing a specialist if be tempted to call their office today and let them know you've just started and it's been 90 days - they like to do tests on day 2-3 so this gives them the option to get you in early...
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I had an appt on Monday cuz I hadn't started and I have been waiting on appt for two months with a specialist and they talked me in to rescheduling cuz I could still be bleeding then and they can't do much and so my next appt is march 31 thinking bout going some where else sooner lol
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I would definitely look at a different place, I went in on day 2 had a full range of bloodwork and an ultra scan - despite AF... That's how the pros do it, I think we all had our tests done then... I'd ring around a few today or google and see who's good in your area... Nobody deserves to be put off like that...
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Or ring the first place and insist on keeping your Monday time... Otherwise it could be another 90 days before you're in the game
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Hello all!
Scjp- I'm right there with you. I would find a new specialist. After my progesterone rounds my RE wanted to see me when I started. It's gotta be frustrating for you!

Wenegrin- I hope the clomid works for you if you go that route!

Afm- Thursday was the last day of the progesterone and the dr wanted to see me in a week when I should be starting but it's reared its ugly head this morning so I'm wondering if I should call in the morning about an earlier appointment.

Hope all is well with everyone!
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Lindscott - Yes, I'd call and tell them you started today. (And a big friendly belated Welcome to Saner for you. xoxo)
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Thanks mamablue! I'm going to call in the morning I'm secretly hoping I don't have to change it though, I've already planned to have a sub on Thursday and although my principal is weirdly intrigued by infertility issues and is enjoying learning about the step by step process I know she gets kind of irked about impromptu drs appointments.

Wanted to ask advice on bbt's. I've been using the purple one from cvs but it's super slow and I was curious if anyone has had luck with a different one and also if anyone has heard of any differences between temping orally vs vaginally. My charts tend to be all over and I've heard that temping vaginally can help level them out? Also does anyone have any experience with the clear blue easy monitor? I've got one but $60 for 30 test strips is steep and seems more expensive than just a pack of digital ovulation tests.
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Evening all!

Lindscott- I don't think it matters too much what thermometer you use as long as you stick with it. It's the temp change that is more important than the absolute temp. I temp vaginally and prefer it. My oral temps were all over the place before I switched.

Afm I'm on cd2 today and into another month. Let's hope clomid round 3 does the trick.
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Lindscott - you never know your doc might do early morning check ups smile.gif mine starts at 530am and there's a steady flow of 15 min checks (ultrasound, med fine tuning) I guess if monitored and going in twice a week people just can't take time off wink1.gif good luck!
Re the other - sorry no ideas, but Oxford is your lady for vaginal vs oral temping!
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