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Af was actually normal last 4-5 days normal and I'm done. Gonna take a diff approach this cycle hoping it only last normally not 100 days lol. Me and hubby are gonna stay on top of dtd lol. I'm the slacker lol. Cycle day 7 right now here we go smile.gif lol
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Scjp- glad AF was kind. I'm cd5 so we are almost buddies this month!

Chuord- how are you feeling? I hope you can do something nice this weekend to recuperate.

Mares- wengrin is very wise! Hang in there and your relationship will get back in track, we all know how much you two adore each other. You can heal when you're back together. Keep eating though. Lots of carbs and veggies!!

Wengrin- I'm hanging out waiting for your beta. Any appointment yet? Any strange pregnancy symptoms? Pickled gherkins?

Mamablue- how are you and the bump?

I phoned the hospital today and they have agreed to track me this month. Yay! I love seeing those eggs baking and knowing how many chances we have! Hopefully there will e a good crop this month, I'm feeling positive about it. DH and I are going away this weekend so it will be a good start to the BD season!!! ;-)

Have a great evening everyone.
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Okay something weird happened a min ago lol. Sorry if tmi. My period stopped two days ago and it was normal. Well I just went to the bathroom and when I wiped I had ewcm. And so I wiped again an it had a spot of pink in the ewcm. What does that mean? Lol it's been two days since I was completely off af anyone have that happen after af lol. And also my boobs are still very sore
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Scjp - EWCM at this point likely does not mean ovulation is eminent. I do strongly suggest that you visit your doctor for bloodwork.
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Oxford that sounds so nice for this weekend. Enjoy time with hubby!! I have had some tingling in my bbs- hard to explain to feeling but sort of uncomfortable burning (but not painful...just noticeable) and also extreme fatigue when carrying things up the stairs, etc. I craved the pickled gherkins (small ones) last time with macaroni and cheese. The combination was strange. But so far nothing except I haven't really had much of an appetite. Might be due to the cold we have all had. I will call for a beta check on Monday. Sunday I would be 4 weeks so that would be good timing. They usually tell me to come right in during lab hours, so I can go on Monday and hopefully hear back on Tuesday or Wednesday. So glad they're monitoring your harvest this month!!! That must be exciting to see exactly what is going on in there!

SCJP- I agree with Mamablue,I would not go this next cycle alone. 100 day cycle is not normal...bloodwork can tell you if there is something that needs to be adjusted. I hope you can get in to see the doctor. Or did you say you already had an appt? I can't remember....

Lindscott did you get in to see the Dr?

Big hugs to you Chuord- hope you spend the weekend doing something relaxing.
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By the way I did pick up some cheap tests while we were out today. So I will do a test check in the AM and let you know. This is a different type test (I wanted to get the same kind but DS was sleeping on my shoulders while walking thru the store and I just didn't have the strength to walk through another store so I just picked up a different cheap kind from Target).
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Thanks ladies ❤️ I appreciate it all, and yes Oxford there will be done yummy contraband food this weekend wink1.gif
Wendy - I'm hoping so much that this one continues strongly for you.
Oxford - let us know how many are brewing when you know
Sending you all hugs and good vibes for your babies and future babies... I'll be back to proper personals next time xxx
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Chuord- enjoy all things not appropriate for pregnancy this weekend!! Hope you have a relaxing time and do something nice for yourself. You deserve it, before the next go'round. 😘

Goodnight all😴
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Chuord- go gout and get trollied (drunk), eat sushi with blue cheese and pate and then stay up really late!! You deserve a break :-)

Wengrin- I'm so excited for you. Keep us posted on the testing. We are cheering you on all around the world!

Scjp- I agree with the other ladies, get some help. 100 days is not fun. It sounds like your hormones are a bit mixed up, you may need something to help you stabilise and re-boot them!

For me, I just thought I'd share what is happening as I am in a different place. I'm pleased to say I've finally found my zen!!
A woman I trust told me I WILL get pregnant and have a baby and I believe her. Accepting that has released a lot of fear, anxiety and control. I feel like I have been pushing and forcing things trying to make something happen or hit the right formula to mix a baby. It's not going to work! Now I have laid back, relinquished control and I'm enjoying time without a baby with me 24/7. Now I'm confident it is going to happen I can actually enjoy this time with grace and ease, it's lovely! So I have stopped TTC it's too much work, I'm just going to get pregnant over the next few months. I went for a massage last night with my usual lady and she couldn't believe the difference in my body having let go of a load of fear.

So I don't hol this up to tiers as advice because I know if you are trying very hard you are not going to believe you can get what you want without controlling it (I know!). But I just thought I would share some light and zen and
Hopefully make you smile!

Right I'm going for my first tracking appointment and this month I'm going to watch my eggs grow like an excited bystander and stay out of my own way :-)

Have a good day.
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That is great news Oxford! I bet this relaxed, zen place you are in is not only going to help you enjoy the last few months you have alone with your hubby, but you will take so much stress off of yourself. That's great! I wish I could let go....I try....oh I have tried so many times to get out of my own way, but I am a bit more stubborn. Still something to work towards (for me) because I 100% believe that it can change your life. Good for you!!

Yes Chuord, sushi and lots of booze and some soft cheeses and whatever else sounds good for your free weekend. Enjoy yourself!

Well I took another test this AM and still positive. It came up within 20 seconds. But it is a different brand of test so I can't really compare. I like lining up the same tests and seeing the line get darker. 😉

Here is a pic. Hope everyone is doing well! Have a great day.

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Oxford, I am so happy to hear about your zen breakthrough! That can only bring you good things. It's really neat that you can see your progress through the month. Maybe your intuition has let go because it knows this month is the month. 


Chourd, I hope you have a really wonderful weekend with DH! Thinking of you and sending you lots of love.


Wengrin, I know you can't compare to another test, but that is such a nice, dark BFP and in 20 seconds!! So exciting. I'm so, so happy for you.


Mamablue, how are you feeling? I hope your kids have recovered and you didn't come down with anything. 


Primal, are you doing alright?


AFM, thank you for all the words of wisdom. Things have been much better this week with DH, and I am trying to be really apprciative and let him know how much his efforts mean to me. I've felt really irritable with the kids, though. Not feeling movement because of the placenta placement, along with still being sick, has me pretty bummed. And there's been a bit of drama about the house we are buying - the sellers have blocked our inspection and apparently the woman told their listing agent that they needed more time to move, but then the man got on the phone and yelled at her that they weren't going to sell at all and hung up. They are an older (but not elderly) couple who had decided to sell their little house on 4 acres with a barn and big shop and move into a condo. They have goats there and apparently a lot of stuff in the shop. It takes over a month to list a house, and they had over a week to consider the offers they got, so they did have time to back out. Unfortunately for them, but good for us, is that they're in a contract now and basically have to sell the house to us. By not allowing the inspection they have already failed to uphold their end of it. I guess the next step is to hire an attorney, and our agent's real estate firm is doing the same thing. We did send them a letter asking what it was that they needed - we already offered to keep their two goats on the property, and we're willing to be somewhat flexible with move dates. I imagine it all happened really fast for them, and it's really hard to move, but I'm also frustrated that they are delaying things and wasting our time and money. 

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Mares - Your house situation sounds sticky. You have my sympathies. Hopefully everything can be resolved quickly and relatively peacefully.

Oxford - Your attitude is wonderful! It must feel so good to let the anxiety slide off your shoulders. I'm super excited about the eggies your ovaries are cooking up this cycle. That was always my favorite part of my monitored cycles. Also, your anxiety-free feelings have my thinking - I wonder if there is some sort of Steps of Emotion that people go through when TTC, because I've certainly noticed a pattern in myself and others down through the years.

Wengrin - How are you feeling? Vertigo lighten up at all? Your BFP is a real beauty and I am so happy for you.

Chourd - What day do you start your stimming meds? Pretty soon, yes? I'm ready to cheer you on with the next step of your journey. Let the egg ripening begin!

AFM - My little sea monkeys are nearly over their colds and so far I'm virus-free. My husband came home from work today feeling like he may have a bit of a fever. Time will tell with him, as he's a bit of a hypochondriac. I sure hope he's going to skip the cold, because he is a bit of a drama llama when he doesn't feel good. Maybe it's time for this recovering vegetarian to learn how to make chicken soup for him.
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Hey all! Wengrin- congrats to you! Chuord- I hope I can keep an attitude like that!

AFM my appointment was today and he said everything looked good on the ultrasound. Since today was cd5 I started my Clomid and go back next Friday for another ultrasound to see if the clomid is working since I have a history of it not doing so. They didn't do bloodwork but I'm not surprised because all of my levels, except progesterone, are always fine. Lh fsh and everything else seems to be ok so thankfully I don't have to do the bloodwork as often.
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Hi all. How is everyone? !
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Morning all!

Lindscott- we are cycle buddies this month. Let me know how your scans go. Have you had any side effects from the clomid?

Chuord- how are the meds going? Do you feel more hopeful now you have the help of IVF?

Mamablue- how are you and the family? I hope you have all got over your colds, it is rubbish at this time of the year. How is your little bump doing? Any more kicking?

Mares- your house sounds complicated, it must be hard to leave a home and down size. Hope it all gets resolved soon. Great to hear that you are making progress with DH. You two have such a close relationship you can make it through the tough times. Just keep talking to each other. How are the other kids doing?

Wengrin- that is a very dark test- girl, you are well pregnant!!! Have you had any early symptoms? I hope you are getting lots of relaxation and pampering?

It's cd9 over here. I had my tracking at the end of the week and there are a few follicles starting to grow, yay! Also the cyst I had on my right ovary has gone, which is good news. My ovaries are starting to ache already so I'm hoping to bake lots of eggs this month. Mamablue- how many eggs did you have on clomid? I seem to remember it was a fair few.

I started a yoga class on Thursday night. I used to do yoga all the time but haven't practised for about 2 years now. I started a new class with my new found zen and really went for it, it's now 3 days later and I'm still sore!!! Lol.

Today I have the full force if clomid hormones and keep bursting into tears. DH has been valiant, bless him.

Hope you all have a restful Sunday xx
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Lindscott - Yay for a monitored induction cycle! I'm cheering you on!!!

Oxford - My Clomid cycles were back in 1998 and 2001. It worked in 1998 and it didn't in 2001. I was seen by my since-retired obgyn, and he didn't monitor me mid-cycle. After that, I graduated to my reproductive endocrinologist and we switched to Follistim injections. For this current baby, I was on letrozole. I always had between 2-3 in-range follies and others that were smaller. The cycle after my surgery that I conceived, I had 3 good follies between 17 and 22mm. I was so sure that I'd end up with twins, but nope, just my one little bean.

AFM - The cold floating around my family finally found me. It's not too bad, but I am snarfy and have some tickly coughs. I'll be fine soon, I'm sure. Everyone else is fine now, except my toddler has a bit of a runny nose. All in all, this is a mild virus.
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Oxford- will do! I hope all goes well with you, yoga is great for the relaxation!

Afm it's cd8 and DH and I have been flu-ish since Wednesday so if I have had any symptoms of the clomid I've probably slept through them. I go back to the RE on Friday for the next US so I guess we'll see what he says then. I'm keeping my emotions reserved for now because I tend to get really excited and then equally as let down with the thoughts of what could be and then the crash of reality. I'm getting antsy about my husband's appointment. I wish his came as frequently and quickly as my appointments do! ;-)
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Hi ladies smile.gif just quickly dropping by with some hugs... I'm back playing the game, and on day 3 of gonal 187.5 injections... Going for ivf and hoping to 'bank' done blasts with youthful eggs for the future lol... Am following just spending less time chatting at present... Trying to keep sane while ttc!
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WoooHooo Chourd! Happy egg growing! Grow follies, grow!!!
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Cheering you on, Chuord. Take the time and space you need to feel sane and relaxed. I know how that is....sending you a hug from across the world.

Lindscott I am so happy that you are in with the RE and on track to get help this cycle. Cheering you on as well.

Oxford your sense of zen is palpable. I am SO happy for you. I know the past couple of months were tough so I am thrilled that you have found your peaceful place and the weight is off your shoulders. Thank goodness for your knight in shining armor. You sound like you have a super supportive hubby. That is such a great asset. Big hugs.

MindlessChrissy hope you are well....we are good. Just got back from a 2 day cheer competition in Tampa, FL. I had both of my kids by myself so it was a little exhausting. We had a mother/daughter travel roommate that shared the car trip and shared a hotel room (to save $) but she got frustrated Friday night because she said we kept her up and she couldn't sleep. My little DS has had the cough and we have been fighting the colds that are circling this season. So anyway he was a little fussy and woke up coughing so I had to get him some medicine. But I didn't think we were THAT bad. Anyway she is a bit prissy....so she got her own room Sat night for her and her daughter. I was a bit frustrated because it was going to cost an additional $150. But anyway, what could I do? It turns out she couldn't sleep in her new room because she complained that the elevator kept her up "dinging" all night. So she complained to the hotel concierge and asked that both of our rooms be comped at no charge, which they did. I was relieved about the cost savings of course but I felt bad...I don't like being a problem for the hotel (especially when I didn't have a problem and I like to go with the flow) and I also don't want the hotel to report this to the travel coordinator from our gym. It's a pretty large gym so we took up most of the hotel. I just don't want to get dragged into this lady's drama. Anyway I am going to search for a new travel roommate. I dislike drama and difficult people. She seemed impossible to please. I know she is dealing with hubby's mental health problems at home and has 3 other kids so she is overwhelmed, so I do feel for her. I just don't want to try to share a room with her again. I think she needs her own room, or earplugs! Or a noise maker. Or something. I always travel with earplugs since DS sleeps with me. I would hear a fire alarm...just not all the other noise. I actually sleep with them every night because hubby snores like a freight train.

But other than that, we had a great weekend. Just very, very long and exhausting. We had to stay at the competition from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM with a break for lunch. Poor little DS was completely over it by about 4:30... DD was tired too but she has tons of energy and loves doing this, so it was easier for her of course. I was completely drained. I slept about 10 hours combined between both nights, then had to drive back. We didn't get home until 7:45 last night. But we have a nice long break until April. On the ttc/pregnancy front I had blood drawn on Friday. Hope to hear from OB today. I took a test Fri and this AM (same test brand) and see the darkening line. The line came up within 2 min today. So I feel pretty confident about it, but of course I am worried about what will happen this first trimester. Anyway enough about me- that's all with us.

Mamablue so glad your crew is on the mend, and sorry that this stinky cold found you. But it's really inevitable. When you have a sick toddler, how do you not share germs?? They want to be all over you. Also I know what you mean about DH being a drama llama about being sick. Why are men that way? We mamas have to take care of our families so we try to keep going and not let our sickness get us down, but when men get sick they mope around so dramatically. I am certain that no man could ever bear childbirth or go through the poking and prodding that we endure while ttc. Men and women are so different. Hope you feel better soon.

Mares- last but not least...I am so relieved that you and DH have made up and are doing well. That helps so much, I know. Also I totally understand about not having patience with your children. That is one of the toughest things about pregnancy when you have little ones. You're so tired and grouchy and feeling blah sometimes, it's hard to muster the energy to be patient and kind every moment. Give yourself a break. (Easier said than done). As far as the house I am hoping that you find an easy resolution and hopefully this doesn't involve a lengthy court battle. That gets so expensive and it only benefits the attorneys. If you can mediate you are better off. I hope this elderly couple can let go of their home and move on, like they planned. I imagine that must be really tough for them though. It's probably one of those things they know they NEED to do but don't really want to do. That is a tough situation. Hopefully they'll come to their senses and make the right choice. I hope you get this house soon and get settled. That will help tremendously with all of the stress you have to deal with and will lighten things up with hubby and kiddos. I can only imagine how displaced it must feel to not be in your home and sort of in limbo....at the mercy of others. Big hugs to you, too.

Take care all and have a great week!!
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