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Here is today's test strip.
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Woohoo wengrin!!! That is a super positive.

Sorry about your traveling companion. It does sound like she has some problems with hotel sleeping. Glad you now have a couple months break from cheer. Hope y'all are feeling better!
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Wengrin - That test is a real beauty. Your beta is going to be great, I'm sure. Enjoy the break from cheer, and I hope you are feeling well on your progesterone.
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Great test Wengrin! Can't wait to see the betas... Hugs on the lady with the issues
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Hey all, quick question, has anyone taken clomid without having any of the expected side effects? I was thinking about it and my first go around I got the moodiness really bad and remember changes in my cm and pain in the ovaries. This time I'm having nothing so I thought I'd ask.

I'm probably over analyzing, hopefully my appointment with RE tells me whether this round did anything or not.
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Hi All! Thanks so much for the encouragement and support. 😊

Well the nurse called this afternoon and said that my beta came back low at 184. I would be 3 weeks and 5 days when they did the test, so from what I can tell that's about average. But I know the range is wide. They'll recheck on Friday to see what the rise is in 1 week.

I am trying to think positive. The good news is my progesterone was good- 28. I've heard sometimes when you use it internally sometimes it doesn't show up in the blood like it would if you took it orally. So hopefully that's a good sign that it came back good even though I'm not taking orally.

Hope everyone is doing well. Let me know what you think, please. Night all..:
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I do not think 184 at 3w5d is low at all. Not one little bit. Maybe they aren't used to people coming in before 4w for a beta?
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Wengrin - I'm with mamablue - seems quite good to me!
Lindscott - I took two cycles if letrozole (the clomid alternative) I had a much stronger reaction to it the first month, both in side effects and possibly in egg stim... Talk to your nurse and see if they want to check via ultrasound... My iui cycle I also needed hsg stims - or you could be coping really well and growing great eggs. I love knowing it's ok!
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Wengrin- I have everything crossed for your beta. Sorry I know nothing about the numbers as I have never got that far! Mamablue knows everything though, so if she thinks it's fine you are still in there fighting girl! I hope you have a nice rise when you go back for the second test. Good news on your progesterone.

Lindscott- it's possible not to have side effects on clomid, in fact I read somewhere that a specialist said he'd never seen it work on someone who had really bad side effects. I'm on my third cycle now, here's my path-
Cycle 1- hormone hell! I had clomid rage and depression like someone turned off all the hope in the world. Even though rationally I knew most things in my life were good it felt like I would never be happy again. Our darling wengrin helped me through that one :-) Also my ovaries really ached. I was tracked that cycle and had two big eggs release.
Cycle 2- the hormones were better although I was emotional and tearful and just wanted DH to cuddle me the while time!! Nowhere near as bad as round one. Then before my period I got bad PMT, I was so contrary that DH was laughing at me disagreeing with anything at all he said!! I wasn't tracked that cycle but my ovaries hurt so I think it worked.
I'm now on cycle 3- I feel sensitive and irritable but again it's better than 1 and 2. I am being tracked and I know there are a few follicles developing. I'm back at the hospital tomorrow when they will tell me how many and how big. My ovaries haven't been as sore this month but I think that's because I had quite a large cyst that I saw on month 1 and that has now gone, yay!

So overall I so think your body gets used to the drugs or maybe I am just recognising the effects and coping with it better. The important thing is what your ovaries are doing. Have you been tracked by ultrasound? It is quite fun to see those eggs baking!
Best of luck and I hope you have all the great bits of clomid without the nasty bits. There are an awful lot if women out there with clomid babies :-)

It's cd11 over here and all's well. We are actually enjoying BD now with my new found zen. I was looking for a yoga DVD to supplement my weekly class and came across a fertility yoga practice. I'm not sure whether I believe it, but I think any yoga helps so I have ordered it. I will be a temple of zen shortly!!

How is everyone else?
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Hi and thank you All!! Yes I trust Mamablue she does know everything...😊. I was curious what your opinion was about it. I am going to sit tight and hold on to positive hope, and unfortunately wait until Monday for the next results to come in. Blah. I am going to take another test though on Thursday, 3 days after last test, to see how much darker the line is. I know the strips aren't the same as a quantitative blood test but they do darken up as the levels increase, it appears.

Thanks a bunch for your input. I'll let you know. Hope everyone is doing well.

Good luck Lindscott if you try the Clomid. That was my next step. (I have heard great things, and then some side effects and bad stories but I always thought it was worth a shot). You said you tried it once before?
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Wengrin check out this site http://www.betabase.info/showBasicChart.php?type=Single
I think for 16dpo the average is 140? So for that early you are really good. It's a great resource wink1.gif
Oxford - isn't it great how we seem to adapt to the meds, my first day was the worst this month - and now my body is managing ok (still having some side effects - headache, dizzyness, food tastes funny, bloating and of course ovary pain) he called me In Early for monitoring as I rang the nurse re the side effects... Scan this morning, I have 6 baking per ovary, (day 6) keft are all 7.5, right are all 9, and lining looking good. Lol oh bugger I've been happy about that result, just realized that it means I'm committed to retrieval and surgery lol - arrgghh!
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Hi Chuord- thanks!! That does help.

I have a feeling the nurse I have been talking to is either new to nursing or new to OB. She has made some comments that have me wondering...anyway the other nurses there know me by first name and they're so knowledgeable. This gal seems to be new. So hopefully she is just unsure and finding her way....I started to call back and ask if the doctor said that was low, or was that just her own opinion based on the charts she had in front of her. But I didn't.

We will see. I really wish I could have the test Thursday and get the results Friday but I guess waiting a week is best? Thursday would be 6 days later so then the number should have at least doubled. Maybe I will call and see if I can come Thursday. At least I would know before the weekend. I don't want to be a pain or impatient though.

Hope your eggies continue to bake well, Chuord! :-)
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Typically betas are supposed to be drawn 48 hours apart, because doubling is more important than the initial number. Your number is very decent, though. Also, do know that pregnancy tests sorta max out on how dark they get, and yours are nice and dark, so you may not see much more deepening of the color. If that happens, don't panic.
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Okay, thanks for the warning Mamablue. ;-) I actually completely freaked myself out because I took a test and it wasn't showing positive for 5 min and I was wondering if it was a chemical, then I realized the strip tip was green instead of blue and I had grabbed an OPK instead of a pregnancy test. Duh!?! I have been spacey...probably from exhaustion from all of this running around in hotels for DD's competitions and little sleep, and hopefully good-n-pregnant-brain!

I think I will call and see if I can come on Thursday. That way it's exactly 6 days and should be like 1400-1500 or so if doubling every 48 hrs. Plus I can get the results on Friday and save myself 3 days of agony.
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Good plan Wengrin - ring them and ask, remember it's your body and you are allowed to be in control smile.gif
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Wengrin- that sounds like an excellent plan. You have left it long enough for a nice rise and you get it in before the weekend. Go for it and let us know. We are all behind you.

Chuord- so exciting that these new meds are working. It's amazing what they can do. A dozen eggs is a great number!! How long will it be before retrieval?

Mamablue- have the troops fully recovered from the nasty bug now? How are you doing on pregnancy symptoms?

Lindscott- what day are you on now? When do you find out if the clomid has worked? Are you into bd season now?

I'm on cd 12. I expect O on cd14 if it follows the pattern if the last two months. I have tracking again this afternoon to see how many follicles I have, fingers crossed. Wouldn't it be good to get pregnant in a tracked cycle where you saw your baby right from the ovary. That blows my mind. I'm getting more days of EWCM this month too that really helps psychologically! I will update later with my results.
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Oxford -That is amazing that you can see the eggs forming and possibly watch your baby from the beginning!! So grateful that we have that technology.

It never 'clicked' to me when I read 6 eggs on each side that Chuord had a dozen eggs!! That is cute. Sounds very promising!

Yes I will call the Dr and ask them to get me in Thursday morning instead. I am having some good usual pregnancy symptoms so that is helping me stay positive. No nausea yet though! Fingers crossed that it doesn't get bad like last time.

Take care everyone!
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Yay for feeling yucky wengrin!!! Bring on the pregnancy symptoms :-)

Just had my tracking and all good. I have 2 on the left side (17&18mm) and three small ones on the right (10,11,12). I think the two lefties will go this cycle.

What will then happen to the three little ones? I know they cannot release with the hormone surge after O, but do they go back into the ovary or do they hang around till next month? What a peculiar mental picture!!

My lining was 8.6, I've no idea what that is like. Anyone know what it should be? I'm on cd12.

I'm so happy to be in with a chance this month. I'm going to drag DH off to bed tonight!! ;-)

How are you doing?
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Fabulous Oxford! The small follies that don't ovulate will recede and die off. Your lining thickness is very good, too. It's just right. Too thin is bad. Too thick is bad and rare. (I was always too thick.) You are in a great place!
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Yay!!!! Thank you Mamablue. You are so kind watching over us and answering all these questions. I really appreciate your advice. I hope you are doing ok and blooming nicely? Xx
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