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Military Spouse

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I have been doing the mothering thing for a while now, 18 yrs!  My oldest boy is about to graduate high school this year, my 16 yo is still going through the drudgery of high school and my daughter is 8 and still loving life!!  We are also a military family of 23 yrs. and still moving!!  Its getting tough with the high schools years, and Im worn out.  So, Ive decided after this school year, to homeschool my daughter, and possibly my 11th grader.  I am searching for curriculum choices, which is proving difficult!!  We have lived in TX for past three years and have loved it!!  Now, we're headed to the great white north-Fort Drum.  Lord help me!!!   

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Hi and Welcome to Mothering!!


I'm glad you found us!  Make sure you check out the Military Family group and our Homeschooling forum.  Let us know if you need any help finding anything.

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