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Bajingo Mamas and Babies - Having babies in our 30s - '11, '12, '13, and '14

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Well, I know the Bajingo TTC thread has died out, but those of us that have had our Bajingo babies in our 30s want to keep in contact. I enjoy keeping in contact with those that have been part of my TTC and pregnancy journey and now moving into how living with a baby goes.

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It's hard to believe Lillian has been here three days already!
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I'm here....looking forward to continuing our friendships!:D

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Yeah, we have all made it to parenthood.
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How are you both doing with the adjustment to having the babies on the outside?? We are on day four I guess, and it's starting to sink in that this is it!

We are supposed to go to a dear friends birthday celebration Sunday afternoon, I'd really like to go and I think baby will be up for it but not sure about my butt. Guess we will see.
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I will be honest, sitting upright has been the hardest for me. Last sunday at 3 weeks post partum was the first time I went out of my house for something other than a doctors appt because I would get so tired. Plan for a short time at the party so you and your baby don't get over tired, if you decide to go.
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Ditto what Lilac said.  I've thought I have felt good energy wise and gone out with dh to do some errands. It was ok but I noticed my bleeding really picked up that night.  I do think its good to get out if you can for short stints.  Being cooped up in a house all day doesn't do anyone good.  Getting outside for me has been key.  You would think that would be easy but its not!


Lilac- I'm so sorry to hear that recovery from your Cbirth has been difficult.  How have you been dealing with it emotionally? I've been a little reluctant to ask in case it sets you off a bit :o  I'm still processing mine - I'm sure having twins has been a whirlwind. More difficult or easier than you thought?


Had a ok night last night.  She was up every 2 hours to nurse and change a diaper. Her sleep has improved slightly since my milk came in.  I'm grateful for that! The first few days were super rough. 

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Recovering from twins has been a bit more exhausting than I expected. I really underestimated the amount of time it takes to breastfeed even though my sanity saver has been being able to feed both of them at the same time most of the time. I didn't expect that the babies would cry so much or so high pitched. Emotionally I am feeling pretty good and feel like my recovery is going well even with the unexpected parts of being a mom. I think the hardest thing is seeing my husband be so wigged out by the babies crying. Nothing really prepared him for this and it makes me wish that he had someone with kids closer to our kids age that could give him a pep talk. Last night he thankfully slept through most of their crying.  He has to go out and work so I really want to make sure he can sleep as much as he can.

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My husband has had a hard time with her crying too. Especially when it is random, he is getting used to the diaper change /naked cry, and the trying to latch cry, but when she doesn't stop right away I can tell he feels stressed. He is getting so good at soothing her, it's really sweet, but then I think it makes it harder when she just won't settle.

I have been frustrated by how uncomfortable it is to sit. It makes everything so much harder. I dream of eating a meal sitting down!!
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Hi Everyone,


I'm switched over here now, too. Day four for Sophie and DH and me.


How are you ladies doing emotionally?  I find that I'm generally fine during the day, but the last two evenings in a row I had an emotional meltdown around 10pm.  Perhaps a sign that I need to go to bed at 9pm?


My breasts are feeling VERY tender from being engorged as my milk comes in.  Any tips?


Here's my favorite pic from the birth.  It's out of focus, but that's exactly how I remember that moment, so I like it.



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I had my glasses off throughout labor too, it was fantastic.
My breasts are warm and full feeling and leaking crazily. Milk came in for sure yesterday, a little bit overnight I think. Trying to decide when to switch to trying the cloth diapers now that her poops are yellow.

Emotionally I think I'm ok, just have periodic frustration with not being able to sit or move around easily.
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I think cloth diapering has been easier than I expected but I did find I needed more covers to keep both boys cloth diapered. The covers are "reusable" but sometimes the edges get wet and then the babies outfits get wet and I have to change everything. I have thirsties covers and gmd prefolds with Snappi fasteners. The diaper pins didn't work for us well at all.
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I have those things too. I think I need to get organized and just do it. I'm nervous about getting everything snug? She hates being changed so I don't want to mess around with it. My friend suggested just laying the prefolds in the cover and not closing it up but I don't know if that will hld the poop?
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¨he covers held the poop in, put if you snappi them on the baby, the poop is better contained and not squished all over in the diaper. Makes for cleaning up the baby easier.

I got to sleep for four straight hours! I would still be sleeping if my boobs had not been bursting and in pain. My bapies totally skipped their 11 pm feeding and diaper change. Went right to the 2 am feeding and change. Yeah! Babies will be 4 weeks today and 1 month on Tuesday
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I tried a prefolds and couldn't really get it on well. Are you using nb or small prefolds? It just felt way too loose and the cover wasn't snug. Tomorrow I will try the kissas fitted I think but she had had it with me mucking about earlier.

I'm getting nervous about her getting enough. She rocked it at our thurs checkup, over an oz in under 30 min, but my boobs seem less full and she doesn't suck for as long. I can't get her on without the shield at home either. Lik, I changed her at maybe 9pm and it was wet and poopy, just did it again now at midnight and it was wet but not very. I'm making her nurse again before going back to sleep and will try the second side but I just don't know if she's getting enough, and of course now it's the weekend so I can't go in to the bf ctr for a weight check.
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Polyhymnia, I am using the nb prefolds right now. Try this page for visuals on how to do different folds forsa good fit. Myboys scream bloody murder when they are changed so steel your self to deal with the screams while you figure out how to get the diaper fitted best.

Try not to stress about the wet diapers and feed your baby as often as you can. Use whatever means you can to get her on the breast. Check and see about a la leche league in your area. I know people from mine would come to my house to help if I asked. Get help to get your little girl eating so you both can
Relax some: LLL wants people to succeed.at nursing and will help a lot.
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We're using nb prefolds with snappies as well. She screamed bloody murder at first too but has settled down now. I use the angel wing fold and it is holding in poo great! No blow outs yet and we've had some monster poops.  


poly- Is there a reason you are using shields? They can change the way she sucks and latches which could reduce your milk production. If you are trying to reduce pain, try alternating with pumping and dropping milk in her mouth. If she starts to prefer the shield you could be in for a rough time....Oh and ibuprofin is ok now - I can't nurse without it!

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Shields because she wouldn't latch otherwise. She didn't nurse for over three hours and even then it didn't go well. She has a funny tongue position and doesn't open very wide plus my nipples are quite flat. She will latch without about 1/4 of the time. I don't have a pump yet. I'm on ibuprofen and Tylenol every 4 hours for my tears/tailbone bruising and we don't have a lot of nipple pain.

Honestly our hospital is supposed to be great for nursing but I found they did it for me instead of showing me then having me try and we aren't nearly as effective on our own.

Her output is back up though so that's good!
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Poly, my breasts seem less full now too, since yesterday.  I read up on it in The Nursing Mother's Companion and it said that it's just the initial engorgement settling down, not a sign of anything wrong at all.  As long as she's having wet and poopy diapers, I think you're most likely doing just fine.  Of course get it checked out for peace of mind, but wanted to ;et you know about the less-full sensation.

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Thanks,I might need to get that book. I have Sears breast feeding book...

We had a good night but man am I tired even still. Yesterday I did a lot more sitting and less lying down and my tailbone is paying for it now.
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