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We had our worst night yet last night. Every other night so far she has fed often, but after each feeding she would fall asleep until the next one. Last night she just couldn't faith@joyfultoddlers.com and couldn't settle. I couldn't take her to bed with me because we have a waterbed and the extra mattress we've ordered hasn't arrived yet. So I'm one tired Mamma today. So is she; I've hardly seen her eyes open all day today. But it''s unseasonably warm and sunny here today, so we went on our first "outing" and walked around the block and said hi to a couple of neighbors. It felt really good to have the fresh air and sunlight on my skin.
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Faith that was us two night ago. Last night was like a dream. I hope thee same for you.

I want to take her for walks but my butt is still too sore greensad.gif
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Oh, I want to go outside but it is so cold and no safe sidewalks reliably cleared.

Went to have baby pictures taken. It was nice and sunny, but the roads out where the photographer lives were snow drifted. It was near white out conditions from the blowing snow. Bapies did pretty good but we definitely didn't get as many pictures of all 4 of us as I had hoped since I kept having to breast feed one baby or the other to calm them down. My husband says it will be a cold day in hell before he goes back. He finds picture taking "invasive". SMH. I will go back without him earlier in the day some day soon.
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Ah, yesterday my boys were one month old. Here is their "princes" picture.
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We had a friend take photos Saturday, here's one!

I put her in cloth today - a prefold and thirsties xs cover. Folded down the back, that worked nicely.
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Ah that is a cute picture!
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LV I can't believe they are a whole month already.
Lillian is so great, it's hard to believe she was not always here. I am trying not to be frustrated at things taking twice as long as they used to and instead feeling grateful for being able to eat, shower, sleep... Hoping to start weaning off the painkillers I've been taking. Just Tylenol and Advil but we're coming up on 10 days straight and I think that's past my comfort level. I can still tell when it's time for another dose as I feel sore and achy...

Also wondering if we can talk about house temperature. We've been keeping the heat higher especially at night cause I don't want her cold but I don't think that's sustainable or environmentally friendly. But how to keep her head warm at night??
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We had the heat turned up to 72 degrees for several days when the babies first came home but DH and I were too hot (before babies we kept the house at 66 degrees). We now have it at 70 degrees and use sleep sacks over their sleepers to keep them warm.
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W kept our place at 67 day, 61 nigh but have been doing 70 and 65-67 since she came home. I have a sleep sack or swaddle blanket on her but her head gets cold!
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Do you have any little hats you could put on her?
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Hats don't stay on her head. She has a large hematoma on one side and I think it makes hats fit funny. She turns her head a lot in her sleep and the hats just pop off. If the rest of her stays warm, I think maybe it's okay??

We went for a walk today and it was nice to get outside in the fresh air, I am feeling a little tired now though. I just took my painkillers again... I've been trying to wean off of them but I hit the five hour mark and definitely feel uncomfortable greensad.gif
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Oh, polyhymnia, that is a tough place. Will the hematoma go away eventually? I think with my pain killers I jpst tried to take smaler doses every four hours. No use being in pain.

Ugh yesterday I got a milk blister on one nipple. Talk about excruciating pain! Each time a baby latched on I would nearly scream out in pain. Emailed my lll leader and she called me and talked me through what to do. Basically I had to pop the blister like it was a milk filled zit. Finally this morning after the baby nursed the blister was poppable and the backup oozed out. Pain is gone now. It was terrible.
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Lv, that sounds so terrible!! We are still using the shield so I haven't had much pain but I know she is learning terrible habits. As soon as I can sit again I will need to really work with her to correct things. I just hope that is soon. I made it all night without painkillers but am paying for it now , but it isn't as bad as I feared!!

The doctor said the hematoma will go away in some months. Sigh,
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We tried tummy time and she whined, here's her on the playmat looking around though!
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nak so sorry in advance for typos etc.....


lilac- omg i just had my first milk blister this morning. it hurt so bad. i think i got it from tring the pump out yesterday. i was trying to give my nips a break. so much for that! I have backed off advil as well by half. love your sweet princes photo btw!

   i am in so much pain breast wise. tried to feed her by dropper yesterday and she just screamed. i felt like such a horrible mommy! i told hr that she can have the boob if she agrees to pacifier time. she has a super high need to suck and wants to latch every 30 mns. today has been better since she has agreed to suck on my finger. she just refuses to take in anything artificial.  


  we have been doing tummy time on my chest. so funny to watch lol.

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Today I'm feeling so sappy, Lillian feels so big and strong today. She is definitely losing her newborn floppiness.

We've had a couple of days of fussy morning feeds, right after we climb into bed with daddy for morning snuggles before he goes to work. She sucks and sucks but fusses/cries the whole time. It's just that one feed though? Not sure what's up. IVe been trying to put her down a bit here and there but I just feel the days slipping past us so then I scoop her back up... Here she is napping under the blanket I made for her, I laid next to her most of the time wink1.gif I'd idnt realize she was going to fall asleep so she wasn't swaddled, she kept flailing and waking up
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Polyhymnia seeing your baby with that play mat thing reminds me I need to wash the used mat bottoms and put my babies on them.

JustJenny, yeah my milk blister happened the day after the boys slept longer at night. I am glad it finally popped though. It was awful.
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Hi All,


Sophie and I are doing well.  I also got a clogged nipple pore a couple of days ago, it was very painful.  I soaked it in hot salt-water a couple of times, hand-expressed, put some oil on it, nursed her on it LOTS in different positions; seems to have cleared up.  Also had her first doctor's visit through Kaiser Permanente, and it was horrible.  Sophie screamed the whole time, and the doc and I did NOT see eye to eye.  It was very stressful.


Aside from that, things are going great.  Sophie is eating really well, I'm resting and getting lots of support.  Never get enough sleep, though.  The first week felt OK but this week it has really started to catch up to me; I am TIRED.  At least our mattress finally came, so I can finally bring her into bed with me if I want to (just had a waterbed before).  Am very excited that Sophie is starting to "wake up" a little: a little more eye contact, starting to startle at loud noises.  Also her arms and legs are getting more relaxed.  It's fun to watch.


Here's a photo of her at five days old, ready for dinner!

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Ah, faith, she looks so ready to eat!

Last night was the cutest thing - both boys had slept from about 3 pm to 5:30 pm. I fed them and then I Just let them lay on the nursing pillow for awhile. They smiled and we "talked" to me while dh was in the shower. I love how alert and communicative they are becoming.

They are sleeping more consistently for long periods too. I got to sleep from 10 pm to 2:30 pm and they are 5.5 weeks. they are snoring again after being fed and changed this morning so back to sleep I go.
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Yay for sleep!! Lillian has started fighting sleep a bit, she will be awake and alert for hours if I let her. We're working on getting her to sleep!!thankfully she's a good nighttime sleeper, she's up every 3-4 hours typically. She's also getting so big, strong and just generally isn't a newborn anymore. It's crazy how fast she has changed.
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