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Hi Ladies!


Sophie and I are doing great.  Sophie gave me a nice little reminder of how great she is normally, by being extremely fussy all day yesterday (6am to 8:30pm).  Dunno what was going on with her; today she was back to her relatively-easygoing self.  We have continued to do fabulously in the sleep department.  She naps lots during the day and then she's been sleeping for (drumroll, please!) NINE hours in a row at night!  I don't know if this will continue or not, but it's been four nights in a row now.  Of course it starts between 6:30pm and 7:30pm so I don't get the benefit of uninterrupted sleep, but all in all it's feeling quite civilized and today I put my hair up and wore makeup just for fun--obviously rest is agreeing with me.  For those of you with short sleepers, hang in there!

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Polyhymnia, good luck on finding what works. Edward still is in our bedroom in his "daybed" crib. William does great in his crib next door after nursing down for the night.

It is nice to at least have one baby who sleeps through the night!

My sons now have both rolled over! william on Friday, March 28 and Edward today March 31! So exciting to see them hit milestones!
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Lilac, congrats on your rollers! How exciting! And how great and interesting that they did it within three days of one another. It's fun to hear what your little guys are doing since they're a few weeks ahead of many of us.
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yeah, it is fun to see my sons hit their developmental milestones.  It is funny though, my son William rolled over first, but really hasn't rolled over since.  Edward who rolled over second is now the one that is always on his belly when he wakes up.  So much for "back to sleep".  I can put him on his back, but he just rolls right back over.

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Lv, that's a big milestone! Yay! And faith, hooray for sleep!

I'm still having a hard time getting Lillian to nap or sleep independently. She started in her bassinet last night and lasted 30 minutes, that's better than before!! But she is a great sleeper - 2 hr naps on the moby or ergo multiple times a day, and the last few nights she's done a 6 hour stretch at night in bed with me and dh is even enjoying having her in bed with us.

Dh is gone a lot for work lately but we are getting a good routine. She rolled front to back Sunday and he was here to see that too! Yay!
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Lilac- How exciting! They are going to be crawling before you know it!


Faith- Make-up - omg. what's that? And for fun!  LOL I'm glad you are getting some sleep :thumb


poly- Rolling already?! Wow I wonder if you are going to have a early walker on your hands?


   We are doing good. Mercy's been feeling much better since we have her irritants/intolerances straightened out. She had a severe reaction to legumes which I'm a little concerned about. No peas, beans or soy. I didn't even try peanuts and won't. I have enough variation in my diet that I don't have to test anything more. 

  Still having 6 hour stretches at night. Only random independent naps. For the most part that's ok with me. I figure it may be a while for that since she sleeps with me at night. Not even close to rolling over yet. I think she may pull herself up first. When she wants to sit up she raises her head and shoulders all the way up! She's always hated tummy time with the pain she was in. So I haven't really enforced it. Just kinda randomly done it when I remember.

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Justjenny, she didn't show signs of wanting to roll before she did it! In fact I was talking to my mom about how I thought she'd be a late roller because she rarely gets floor tummy time (the dr says that's fine since she's on me so much, that counts and will get her to strengthen her core and neck). I put her on her tummy to show my mom And then she rolled over! She's just done it a few times since. She also loves to sit up and stand up too. I'm nervous because I'm taking her to a knitting retreat the last week in June by myself and I'm really hoping she's not crawling by then!!! I'm counting in using the carrier for her!!

I'm glad you have sorted out her intolerances. A woman in my baby group, her older son had a lot of intolerances and she removed them from her diet and now he is the and he can eat almost all of the things he reacted to as a baby. The leader of our group says that is very common so I will keep my fingers crossed that mercy is able to outgrow her sensitivities due to you eliminating them too!
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I am worried my William might be sensitive to milk. Ever since his rotavirus immunization, we have been going back and forth with green poop.  If I keep him on the same boob every feeding, I can get most poops to be yellow, but a random green poops up.  Ugh. I just want yellow ebf poop like his brother has.


Edward is too funny.  He rolled second, but man he is rolling everywhere he can get.  DH left him on the couch for a minute and he nearly rolled off.  He was hanging off with his legs when DH got back to him.  We have to leave him on the floor now.

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Lilac-  A lot of babies have this after the rotovirus. It can take months to get back to normal.  Green frothy poops are also a sign of too much foremilk- Which you prob already know since your nursing on one boob.  If he seems like his jolly little self you can prob disregard the occasional green poopy.  If he's more irritated lately you may have to look deeper.  

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Who knew I could be excited about pumpkin colored poop! William hadeit twice today without a hint of green, then he had a mint green colored poop. Face palm. I did feed him on a different boob though. He seems fine otherwise.
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My doc said don't worry too much about poop color, absent any other symptoms. Good luck!

Has anyone else found good baby sunglasses or rashguard style swim suits? I found a great sunhat for Lillian today but still looking for the other things.
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I have been thinking about swim suits for the boys but I haven't done any looking yet.
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I've been looking at this site. Its a sister company of Nickis Diapers- which I like a lot. They have some super cute options and are reasonably priced....




We don't need any rash guard stuff but I think a swim diaper or two is in order :)  

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That site is great - thank you!!!

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