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West Michigan mamma

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Hi there,

I am a homeschooling SAHM of 5 in West Michigan.  I just joined so that I could respond to a request for a local doc. :).  I LOVED the Mothering Magazine and miss it.  Although I'm sure the online resource is awesome, I don't have a lot of time to surf around it and find the gems that would apply to me so I may not be on here often.  I'm not even sure how it works. :).  We are a God loving, cloth diapering, extended nursing, attachment parenting, organic eating, family of 7. I just love the support and affirmation that this Mothering community has for our lifestyle!  I hope to surf around on the site more often as time allows :).

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Welcome mama love! I totally understand the hesitancy to be active on a website. It's always a challenge for a busy mama to find time for such things. But we can surely use voices like yours in the Mothering Community. Maybe you could visit once a week and participate wherever you benefit the most and share some of your mama wisdom too. :love

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