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Disposable diapers during a drought?

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I think the title says it all. We are cloth diaper users. We're about to have water rationing called by the gov. This is supposed to be the worst drought in recorded history where I live.

We are pretty conscientious water users, turn the water off while you soap up kind of people, there isn't much we can cut back at this point. And while I am a big fan of EC and this does motivate me to step it up, at 4 mo, we 're just not there yet. Diaper washing consumes a lot of water. Are we doing the wrong thing under the circumstances? Are disposable diapers made by enviornmentally friendly companies a better choice right now? Are these companies what they even claim to be?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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I am following along, as this is something I wonder as well.

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If the drought is that bad where you live then maybe. The manufacture of disposables takes a lot of water, but presumably they get that in areas it's not in short supply. You could look into gdiapers as a compromise.

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I wonder if handwashing could use less water...not sure. There's always disposable inserts.

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Any other disposable inserts besides G-Diapers?  I've been thinking of this too.  At least the g diapers can be flushed and I can stick with my wool covers.  Doesn't take much to wash those.

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I like the Flip diaper inserts as well. Small but do the job. Lots less laundry than a pocket diaper.

I've wondered about drought as well but thought "no one recommends throwing away the rest of your clothes in drought times."
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We EC but use gDiaper compostable inserts for nighttime, as we are huge composters (we have a compost toilet as well).  If you're ECing, or for during the day, I would get the small-sized inserts, since the large ones are HUGE and really unnecessary for daytime use, if you're used to checking frequently.  I use Charlie Banana training pants for my ECed baby (9 months), and LOVE them.  They are very easy to hand-wash, trim fit (huge for me, since I think the large amount of cloth between baby's legs hinders their movement somewhat), and waterproof (occasional leaks when he pees a big amount, but very doable.  Anyway, they also sell disposable liners.  Not sure they can be composted though, which is why we went with the gDiapers (available on Amazon).  


Good luck!  :)

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My washer uses 14 gallons of water. It's a front loader. This is really very little water per diaper per use. I think putting it in that perspective helps.
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Hmmm. debateable, as manufacturing disposable nappies consumes as much water as washing a cloth nappy 300 times!  So it's unlikely that the overall , using disposables would save water. EC'ing at every opportunity is the best option IMO

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I dont think also that using dispsables would save water. Would still go for the EC`ing.

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Full time ECing is a great goal, but depending on the family and the baby in question, can be an impossible one. Hand washing generally requires more water than machine waching.

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We were doing great with the ECing until ds started crawling.  Now there are a lot more misses because he wants to explore and is not communicating as much.  So, we have the cloth and I'll probably keep using them, but it has been an interesting question.  Both cloth and disposable inserts require tons of water to produce.  I don't know what the water situation is where they were made.  I just know that I need to use my well water to wash the cloth here or I can flush or responsibly compost the disposable inserts.  

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