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Irritable uterus

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So I recently found out I have an irritable uterus and have been having contractions more and more frequently in the last week. My midwife came over last night and made sure I was not preterm labor because they have gotten so bad that they do not stop after resting and they are closer than 10 mins for at least 2 hours. It's definitely worse when I am on my feet for a period of time (even an hour) but other than that I cannot find anything to help it stop! greensad.gif I'm well hydrated and I drink RRL tea daily and I use magnesium oil but I am going to take a cal/mag supplement now too. I also ordered one of those maternity support belts.

I am just looking for women out there who have experience with this. There isn't a whole lot of information on it out there. I'd love to hear tips or advice or whatever because I had never heard of it until I was diagnosed. Hare you someone who had or has an irritable uterus?

I have a 20 month old daughter who I take care of full time so staying off my feet isn't going too well but I am trying my hardest! Also, I had bad postpartum depression and was in a really good recovery period as long as I got out of the house frequently enough. my dd and I had a pretty good schedule of going to the park and the zoo and such, and that really helped my mood. Now I am trying to stay positive but its really hard to stay calm when I can almost feel the depression creeping back in from having to stay 'resting' whenever the contractions start up, which is pretty much whenever I get up and start moving around. How did/do you ladies cope??
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Oh I am so sorry for you. By any chance, are u still nursing your LO?
I ended up 5 cm dialated at 30 weeks. I was SUPER stressed and we just moved 800 miles and were temporarily staying with my sister. But what pushed me past my limit was nursing, I think. It was probably the whole concoction of things going on. But all that nipple stimulation just did it for me!

Also about depression, I find that it really helps to change *my perspective* especially when I can't change the circumstances!
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How many weeks are you?
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Thanks for the replies!

3lil- That's a good point. I am still nursing my lo and I was actually just talking to dh about that today! I had read that women experienced contractions during their breastfeeding session or immediately afterwards, and since I wasn't having that I thought I was 'safe.' The contractions usually occur from too much activity on my part and are worse at the end of the day. Never anything close to when I'm nursing so I dunno. But since things have really taken a turn for the worst this week I started thinking maybe I should wean. greensad.gif that would be REALLY hard bc my girl love loves her nursies and since being on bedrest that has been the best way for both us to still do something important together since I can't do much else with her. I'm just not ready to wean... emotionally and psychologically. But of course my baby's life is more important than that, I guess I'm just saying that I wish I knew for sure if it was making things worse- then I could wean. But on my speculation that It may or may not be making things worse... well, that makes it harder to commit ya know. I don't mean to be such a whiner, I just benefit a lot from being able to write all my thoughts and emotions out here and be vulnerable and raw. It helps me gain perspective and I love hearing what others have to say, so thanks for bearing with me! 3lil- how was weaning for you? How old was your lo and how did you do it?
Lucky- I am 26 weeks along.
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I am sorry you are going through this Philothea!


I am 15 weeks along with a large subcorionic hemorrhage and placenta previa that has not moved up yet and in my 4th week of bleeding most daily. Cramps were not an issue when this all started and I have nursed through my last 2 pregnancies just fine but had neither of these conditions. Bed rest has been a must to avoid heavy bleeds and I totally understand what you are saying about the convenience and comfort of nursing. My  son is 18 months old and high needs and it has been so heartbreaking the few times I said no. He takes it so personally :( I just recently was told that pelvic  rest includes nipple stimulation but ignored it bc I wasn't cramping that often but the past week it has REALLY picked up. My uterus is so irritated from all the blood sitting in there. Part of me wants to tell him no bc I am so afraid of losing the baby but then I have a strong desire to meet his needs as well. My fear is that I will stop nursing and still lose the baby and also have lost something that is so special to me and my son.


I do not mean at all to steal your post just wanted to let you know I am going through something similar as far as the uncertainty of what is the right thing to do.


I hope that you are able to come to peace with whatever is right for you and your daughter :) Good luck!

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Weaning sucks, I'm just gonna be straight with ya. My LO was about 22 months. It was heart breaking for me (and him too I'm sure) I had to do it cold turkey. So I let him nurse as long as his little heart desired for the last session, then since he was old enough to help himself, and would do so especially at night, I put band aids on my nipples and told him they were broken. The first night is hard, the second night is worse, the third it seems to start getting better. Just take it a day at a time or it'll be too easy to get overwhelmed .
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Lucky- no you didn't "steal my post" at all! Im so sorry you're going through a rough time too but what you said is perfect bc I'm looking for ppl who can relate. This has been such a week and even harder bc I feel like no in IRL understands. What you said was so sweet and really helped. Thank you so much!

3lil- thanks for being honest, even though I wish weaning was easier. The contractions aren't causing my cervix to change so I don't feel like I have to wean yet. I dunno. I experimented nursing less today and it was pretty awful. I'm just going to take it day by day.

Is there any one else out there who has been Disgnosed with irritable uterus and can offer some support??
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I don't know if this is the same thing, but i went in for monitoring with my last pregnancy when i thought i may have a water leak, so they hooked me up to th at belly monitor and were really concerned because they said my uterus was really irritated, although i couldn't feel anything. The midwife said it is often from dehydration and after i drank about a quart of water it totally went away. Also, i have heard rrl tea can cause mild contractions? Hope that helps!
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If your cervix isn't changing, then what is the concern?  Are the contractions painful?  Do they interrupt your day?  Are they just frequent Braxton Hicks?  If your cervix is unchanged I would say it isn't a worry, and to go about your life, resting when you can and not worrying about it otherwise!  You could have your cervix measurement via ultrasound weekly if you wanted to be absolutely sure I suppose.  I had a friend/client that had an irritable uterus diagnosed her first pregnancy, and had the baby past her dates.  She rested when she could, but didn't do anything special.  She didn't have any issues the next pregnancy.  Eat tons of food, drink lots of fluids, and monitor the situation, but it sounds like it is just a more active uterus is all!  And if it isn't triggered by nursing, I'm not sure if weaning will really help much.  I'll do some research about the whole topic though since I'm curious now!  Hope you are finding ways to cope! <3

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I have heard that red raspberry leaf can aggravate an irritable uterus. I hate to say to stop because its such a great uterine toner, but maybe stop for a few days-week and see if things relax? Then add it a bit at a time, so that you know when it starts negatively affecting you, if at all. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

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I would agree with no more RRL, just because it isn't "necessary" and COULD be stimulating for someone sensitive perhaps.

 I did find this which seems reassuring - http://www.ajog.org/article/0002-9378(95)90102-7/abstract

And these two older mothering threads that have some good suggestions, particularly the crampbark, black haw and false unicorn root.  And going to see an acupuncturist would could help with overall balancing and may have some chinese herbs, too.  


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Thank you everyone for your replies!

Margo, happy to see you on here! Thanks for adding your perspective and I'd be interested to hear more. Unfortunately I don't have the same midwife as I did with my first birth bc we moved and where we are-- only 2 to choose from. She's pretty good but not great. When she checked my cervix she said it wasnt dilated or effaced but that the outside was softening (she illustrated this by pulling on excess skin on her finger) but said that the important thing was that the core of my cervix was still rigid. So I'm not sure what your take on that is..? She said that we just wanted to be preventitive because once you start dialating/ cross that bridge it's much harder to go back then to try and stop things now. Does that make sense? It definitely had me freaked out and I've had some good cries over it. greensad.gif scared of preterm labor for my baby for sure.

The contractions do interrupt my day and become more painful the more I stay on my feet and don't rest to calm them down. It has been taking a toll on my life.

I have stopped drinking RRL tea and I thank you all for that suggestion. I had been drinking it all through december then I stopped, then with this episode my midwife told me to drink it like water. And I did some research and saw it could make things worse so another :/ for the midwife. Good advice lovelife! ...So since stopping a few days ago I have noticed less intense contractions and less frequency... I also made some other changes a few days ago though so I plan to reintroduce RRL tea in a week and see if that was one of the culrprits or if it's fine to take and something else was the problem, kwim.
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Have you also looked into culinary herbs that can be uterine irritants?  If you are sensitive, things like peppermint, chamomile, nutmeg, sage, and oregano may cause some symptoms, though they are fine for most people in non-medicinal amounts.  I have an irritable uterus this time, too, and peppermint always gets me cramping.


Best wishes to you and your sweet babies!

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Hi philotea! I am happy to read that the contractions are less frequent.
I an quite sure I have something similar to you.when I stand ny uterus gets really cranky... And I have a lot if by contractions, sometimes every 10 minutes.. But they ease up when I lie down on my left side.
I went to er last week and doc was really nice and stayed with me for a long time to make sure everything was ok.she said the contractions do nothing to my cervix but it us hard not to worry!!!
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I also think the nursing may have something to do with it.I don't breastfeed but my second is 4, was breastfed until he was 3 and he loves sleeping with his hand in my boobies! And I think that stimulation is not good for the contractions. .
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When I had my preterm labor (possibly nursing induced) I remember waking up in the middle of the because every few minutes I felt fire in my lower back. It took a few times before I realized what was going on. That when I knew I better wean. But I think if the contractions aren't strong enough to be felt in your back than they probably aren't "real" in the sense that they can cause you to dialate.
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I agree that labour contractions are felt in your back
However I would stop nursing with these "false" contractions...just I avoid having sex...
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How are you doing now, @Philothea ?

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I hope everything is going ok. I have a very grumpy uterus. Both of my last pregnancies I was on a medication for the last trimester to keep it calmer. Of course I can't remember the name. It appeared to help because I delivered both babies the day I was taken off the meds. After a preterm birth the second time I tried a using a midwife assuming they would be able to help. Midwife suggested all sorts of great ideas that should have helped (Cal/Mag supplements, rest, lots of water, weaning my 2.5 year old). Finally, I had to transfer care to an OB for the meds again and stay on them until 37 weeks. Baby was born the night I stopped the meds.  

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I hope all is well with the OP. I have an extremely irritable uterus. I have three beautiful kids all carried to term so the contractions did not start preterm labor. However, I could not stay on my feet for more than a few mins or the contractions would start and not let up. I felt constant hardening of my abdomen. I also had spotting/bleeding throughout the second trimester with both DD1 and DD2. The bleeding was unexplained and I think it was somehow connected to the irritable uterus issue.


Sorry, I know I`m not much help as I could not find anything that helped. However, I did deliver full-term healthy babies. I can only relate to the sickening feeling of constant contractions and always wondering if they would cause preterm labor.

I was also nursing my older kids so not sure if that added to the problem. I did not stop nursing them though.

I hope all goes well.

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